Best of 2021

by Erin

2021 was a delicious year but which recipes were the best of 2021? Here’s the top 10 based upon your most loves and 10 more of mine that also deserve some attention.

Best of 2021 Recipes

Here we are, less than a day from 2022 and I’m still over here referring to 2019 and last year. I know I am not alone in this as it was a constant point of discussion as the year winded down. But despite 2019 seeming like it was less than a year ago and another year in semi-quarantine, somehow a lot has happened in 2021.

Unfortunately, not all of it was good either. Let’s recap the bad and then focus on the good after that:


  • In March, my dad shockingly had triple bypass surgery but recovered quickly and is doing great. I say shockingly because he had zero pre-existing conditions and no warning signs. Heck he’s more active than most people in his age range.
  • In April we suffered the unexpected, painful loss of my mother. That was excruciatingly terrible. Thank goodness for great family and friends that helped me through that.
  • In August, we had to help our cat Tigger cross the rainbow bridge. I never thought we would cry so much over a pet, but Bob especially went through a lot with him and you know… we were primed with emotion. And it was the same week as the one year anniversary of his best friend’s passing in 2020.
  • A few days later our wonderful, elderly neighbor passed away.

So yea, that’s all I have to say about all that…


  • We added another nephew to our collection! Legit have all nephews (6 and counting). Even my closest cousins have boys (which would put us at 9).
  • We tended to our garden as usual, took virtual cooking classes, and attended more virtual meetings/conferences for work than we can count.
  • Went on a few root beer day trips, were honored guests at three weddings, went on a spontaneous trip with friends to Belize, and were lucky enough to have a few visits from friends and family. 
  • Our neighborhood continued HHs on Fridays, forming a spaced out circle of lawn chairs in a neighbors driveway. We also continued hosting food trucks which were sometimes the highlight of the week.
  • My grandmother turned 104 on December 12th! Although she has declined as of late and may not be with us much longer.
  • Spent Christmas in Sedona with some family members we had not seen in 2 years.
  • My hair is now teal :-P.
  • We adopted 2 kittens! Like 3 days ago so their names are still TBD. Attempting to fill the void of all our losses.

And of course, all the food!

BEST OF 2021

Hoisin Glazed Salmon and Brussels Sprouts #easydinner #onepan

10. Hoisin Glazed Salmon and Brussels Sprouts – After my dad’s triple bypass surgery, I was prompted to force myself to find ways to like salmon. This easy sheet pan hoisin glazed salmon and brussels sprouts is great for weeknight dinners or even weekend visits with friends or family.

Bramble Cocktail made with Hendrick's Lunar Gin

9. Lunar Bramble Cocktail – Floral, citrus gin pairs with fruity black currant liqueur and allspice dram in this lunar bramble cocktail. Fingers crossed we a cheers-ing to a better year.

Homemade Ohio Nachos

8. Ohio Nachos – What are Ohio Nachos? Crunchy kettle chips topped with alfredo sauce, blue, cheese, and chives. Hello craveable. Not surprised these made your list.

Pumpkin Goat Cheese Ravioli with Pecan and Sage Brown Butter Sauce #thespiffycookie

7. Pumpkin Goat Cheese Ravioli with Pecan and Sage Brown Butter Sauce – I don’t know if I enjoyed making these more or eating them. Who am I kidding – eating them! These flavorful homemade pumpkin goat cheese ravioli are perfect when paired with pecans, crispy sage, and brown butter sauce.

Keep Calm and Drink Root Beer

6. Ohio Root Beer Day Trip – My love of root beer took a new level this year. I had this trip planned pre-pandemic and finally made it happen. Loved how many of you virtually took a ride with me to SW Ohio to root beer stands, one of my favorite grocery stores, and breweries. I actually posted a second trip, another in WV, and have a couple more backlogged that I need to share soon!

Chewy Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

5. Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies – These olive oil dark chocolate chip cookies are everything you love about a big chewy cookie with the added benefit of using olive oil instead of butter! Make them will butter flavored olive oil for a real treat.

Taco Bell inspired Crunchwrap Supreme Burgers

4. Crunchwrap Supreme Burgers – What’s better than a homemade crunch wrap? Crunch wrap supreme burgers! A taco seasoned burger patty is folded up with all your favorite fillings.

Mom's Sweet Macaroni Salad #sidedish

3. Sweet Macaroni Salad – Sweet macaroni salad sounded gross to me at first, but it is must have for any backyard BBQ or cookout. Figured it had to be in my mom’s recipe box for a reason.

Lord of the Rings Menu - The Seven Hobbit Meals

2. Lord of the Rings Menu – The Seven Hobbit Meals – Ever wondered what it’s like to be a hobbit? The key is seven meals a day and I’ve got you prepared with a line up for an entire day!

Magic Chocolate Walnut Fudge Stack

1. Magic Chocolate Walnut Fudge – It melts my heart that the number one most popular recipe on my blog this year was one I found in my mom’s recipe box. Also helps that you only need four ingredients and you’ll have the best fudge without fail!


Easy Whipped Feta with Honey and Crackers

10. Whipped Feta with Honey – I’m not normally one to embrace internet trends, but whipped feta is so stinking good and simple. Loved this version topped with real honey and pistachios.

Raspberry and Thyme Dark Chocolate Chip Brown Butter Cookies

9. Raspberry Thyme Dark Chocolate Chip Brown Butter Cookies – These raspberry thyme dark chocolate chip brown butter cookies may have a lot going on but the flavors compliment each other beautifully. Even better cause I used raspberries and thyme from our garden.

Grape & Gorgonzola Pizza

8. Grape & Gorgonzola Pizza – Take white pizza to the next level with this grape & gorgonzola pizza. Complimented by a little rosemary and honey this pizza is a must for anyone who likes to get a little adventurous with their pizza toppings.

Cheetos Coated Cheddar Stuffed Arancini

7. Cheetos Cheddar Arancini – These cheddar arancini and not only made with cheddar cheese in the risotto, but they are also stuffed with a cube of cheese and coated in crushed Cheetos! Cheese me.

S'mores Buckeyes

6. S’mores Buckeyes – Every year I come up with at least one new buckeye variety and this year was s’mores buckeyes. With marshmallows and graham crackers inside and out, these buckeyes are a peanut butter and s’mores lovers dreams.

Focaccia Crust Pepperoni Pizza

5. Sourdough Focaccia Pizza – 2021 was the year of the focaccia. It took a couple of tries to get it just right and it paid off because this fluffy sourdough focaccia pizza crust was excellent topped with pizza sauce, melty cheese, cup and char pepperoni, fresh basil, and a drizzle of hot honey.

Chai Snickerdoodle Peach Cobbler

4. Chai Snickerdoodle Peach Cobbler – This chai snickerdoodle peach cobbler is topped with chai spiced snickerdoodle cookie dough. Basically chai and peach are my newest favorite summer pairing.

Apricot Pork Chops #thespiffycookie

3. Apricot Pork Chops – Another from my mom’s recipe box. All you need is four ingredients and an hour to have these amazingly flavorful apricot pork chops on your table. Instant favorite that we will make again and again.

Lemongrass Coconut White Chocolate Chip Cookies

2. Lemongrass Coconut White Chocolate Chip Cookies – Take your taste buds on an exotic tropical journey with these lemongrass coconut white chocolate chip cookies. It’s the flavor combination you’ve been missing.

Vegan Spicy Chicken Sandwich

1. Vegan Spicy Chicken Sandwich – Who knew vegan spicy chicken could be so damn delicious? Made with homemade, seitan even as a meat eater I adored this sandwich. Better yet it tastes just like my favorite chicken sandwich in town which sadly is no longer in business.

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