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Welcome to The Spiffy Cookie! I couldn’t be happier that you found yourself here.

My name is Erin, the face (and normally purple, previously green, but now blue hair) behind the photos and recipes you see on this blog. I’m also a Research Scientist by day, wife to The Make Shit Craftsman, and a root beer connoisseur.

On this blog of mine you will find a diverse array of recipes: sweet and savory, healthy and sinful, simple and creative (the occasional craft or non-food post as well). I like to put on a slightly healthier edge when possible, but sometimes I just have to listen to my inner fat-kid and stuff delicious things into cookies, cupcakes, burgers, pizza crusts, etc. Yes, despite the name there is more than just cookies! Food is my favorite way to shower friends and family with love and I have a lot to go around so please join me.

When I am not in the kitchen (or at my day job working in a Salmonella lab), I can usually be found tending to my garden, at the gym, biking, hiking, traveling, concert-going, reading, and exploring my city (Columbus, OH). I love Columbus so much that I helped start the Columbus Food Bloggers group! I love both trying new restaurants and finding hidden gems.

Feel free to reach out at spiffycookie(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to hear your comments and questions!

The Spiffy Cookie Erin Vasicek
The Spiffy Scientist

The Spiffy Story

My dad claims he doesn’t know where I learned how to cook but some of my fondest memories are in the kitchen, particularly making his oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. However, I was an incredibly picky eater as a child and obviously wasn’t the most adventurous when it came to food, cooking or otherwise.

That was until college in the early 2000s when I got bored eating the same things every day on the meal plan (or the two meals I knew how to cook: pasta with meat sauce and stir fry) and finally started branching out. In that search I stumbled into the world of food blogs and never looked back.
At first I would make the recipes as written but after getting a handle on things (or still growing out of disliking certain ingredients) I started making adjustments of my own. When asked for the recipes I would provide the link to the blog with asterisks of the things I changed.
This lead to many people suggesting I start my own food blog but at the time I thought that was ridiculous. But eventually it became the best option for cataloging all the recipes I had made in a searchable and shareable format (rather than saved PDFs in folders) with family and friend.

I hit publish for the first time in 2010 with a Devil’s Food Nutella Cake (with god awful photos) and there are many more of you here now than I could have ever imagined!

Baby Erin Corn

About The Blog

Over the years, this little blog has changed a little along with the life I currently live. In 2014 I graduated with my PhD and went on to start my job as a Research Scientist (three cheers for being able to afford groceries on a whim).

Then in 2018 I got married and the days of #SingleServingSundays were long behind me. Of course, despite my husband’s Penn State alum status, I do still celebrate #PBchocSat every Saturday throughout the college football season (GO BUCKS).

And to fuel my scientific mind I recently started #ScienceSundays.

My goal is to share realistic recipes that are both approachable and fun. Some are easier than others but I also know that my readers are from all kinds of backgrounds so there is something for everyone. So whether you are looking to set up a slow-cooker for dinner or indulge in a decandent dessert there are plenty of both and more in between.
I also dabble in gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan from time to time as a few people in my life require such food items. A great place to start is my favorite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’ve been told they are the best in town (and the #1 trafficked recipe on my blog) but that doesn’t stop me from sampling others still ;-).
The Spiffy Wedding Kita Roberts

Contact Me!

Feel free to reach out at spiffycookie(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to hear your comments and questions! You can also sign up for my email list, where you can receive new recipes and/or a members-only newsletter sent straight to your inbox! You can also connect with me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest.

Credentials and Partners

The Spiffy Cookie is a proud Ohio Poultry ambassador and has partnered with several other clients including Ohio Pork, Pomora, Smithfield, Curly’s, Prime Fresh, Prime Video, Kroger, and more.


The Spiffy Cookie has been featured on FoodGawker, HelloGiggles, Chobani, Gourmandize (interview & Christmas countdown), AllRecipes, Jessie Unicorn Moore (aka Cakespy), Hot Chicken Takeover, Columbus Food Bloggers, FoodgawkerTastespotting, and Ocala Style Magazine (July 2013, page 57). 


Erin is also a member and community leader of the Cbus Food Bloggers group and often writes articles on their collaborative blog.


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