Root Beer

by Erin

My love for root beer runs deep. As proof, behold my great root beer collection! On this subsection of my blog, I keep a log of every root beer I have tried. It’s a work in progress (I’ve been collecting since the mid 90s and have a lot to retry) and so far I have 206 to date.

This experiment of posting photos and my critiques was prompted after snagging 43 new bottles all at once in Seattle, but more are being added as new ones come into my possession so check back again soon!

Looking for recipes that use root beer? Check out my growing list HERE.

Root Beer Collection


1 – Not finishing and pouring down the drain

2 – Okay but would not buy again

3 – Pretty good but nothing exciting

4 – Delicious and worthy

5 – Get your hands off my root beer!

Root Beer 1996

My cousin and I in 1996 feeling BA for drinking out of brown bottles

Listed in alphabetical order:

# / A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Y / Z


3 Dachshunds Root Beer

Dachshunds RB

  • Slightly dry, zesty, vanilla flavor, smoother Barq’s (similar flavor profile).
  • Rating: 4


A&W Root Beer

A&W Root Beer Float

Abita Root Beer

AJ Stephans Root Beer

  • Mild root beer flavor, vanilla, good foam.
  • Rating: 3

AJ Stephans Sarsparilla

AJ Stephans Sarsparilla

  • Dry, low bubbles, no foam, true sarsparilla flavor.
  • Rating: 3

Always Ask for Avery’s Root Beer

Americana Root Beer

Anchor Ginger Root Beer

Anchor Ginger RB

  • More prominent root flavor, tangy, creamy.
  • Rating: 4

Appalachian Brewing Co.

Archer Farms Sarsaparilla


Baron’s Sassparilla

Barons Sass

  • Resembles creamy cola, no foam.
  • Rating: 4

Barq’s Root Beer

Barrel Brothers Root Beer

Baumeister Root Beer

Baumeister RB

  • Bite, seltzer water undertone.
  • Rating: 3

Bawl’s Root Beer

Bedford’s Root Beer

Bedford's Root Beer

  • Creamy and a bit sweeter due to strong caramel flavor but not too much. Vanilla and a little anise. Fizz on the front but not too fizzy and smooth on the end.
  • Rating: 4

Belkin Family Lookout Farm Root Beer

Berghoff Root Beer

Bickford’s Sarsparilla

Bickford's Sarsparilla

  • Strong anise flavor, taste like cough syrup. Very fizzy.
  • Rating: 1

Big Ben’s Root Beer

  • Full flavored, tastes like a classic root beer. Fizzy but not foamy.
  • Rating: 4

Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Beer

Boots Beverages Sarsparilla

  • Cough syrup undertone, vanilla, weak finish.
  • Rating: 2

Boston Tower Root Beer

Boylan Bottleworks

Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer

  • Strong caramel flavor to start, reminiscent of Werther’s. Sweet, trails at the end.
  • Rating: 4

Buckeye Lake Brewery Root Beer (not bottled)

  • Creamy and bold vanilla flavor with a little bite.
  • Rating: 4

Bull Dog


Butchertown Soda Root Beer

Butchertown Soda Root Beer

  • Weak flavor, dry, not very sweet. Cane sugar gives a chemical taste.
  • Rating: 2


Capone Root Beer

  • strong root beer flavor, tangy start, creamy finish.
  • Rating: 4

Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer

Cardullo’s Root Beer

Caruso’s Legacy Robusto Root Beer

  • Creamy vanilla, a hint of sharpness mostly from the carbonation, milk flavor, but flat on he end.
  • Rating: 3


Cheers Boston (w/o cap)

Chowning’s Tavern

Cicero Beverage Co. Salted Caramel Root Beer

Columbia Soda Works Sarsaparilla

  • Creamy, bit of licorice flavor.
  • Rating: 4

Coney Island Hard Root Beer

  • Dislike the licorice flavor.
  • Rating: 2

Cool Mountain Root Beer

Cott (w/o cap)

Crater Lake Root Beer

Crater Lake RB

  • Bite, hint of vanilla, creamy.
  • Rating: 4

Crim City Soda Renegade Root Beer

Crim City Soda Renegade Root Beer

  • Mild, generic flavor. Nothing exciting but not bad.
  • Rating: 2


Dad-Gum-It! Butterscotch Root Beer

Dad-Gum-It! Butterscotch Root Beer

  • Creamy, not too fizzy, but weird after taste.
  • Rating: 3 (because of the after taste, without it would be a 4)


Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer

  • Butterscotch, smooth, creamy.
  • Rating: 4

Dang! Root Beer

  • Creamy vanilla, not too fizzy, good mouth feel.
  • Rating: 4

Dead World Zombie Soda Root Beer

Dead World Zombie Soda Root Beer

  • Smooth, medium flavor. Tastes like a basic root beer.
  • Rating: 3

Dead World Zombie Soda Vanilla Root Beer

Dead World Zombie Soda Vanilla Root Beer

  • Creamy but very strong syrupy flavor that is a bit much.
  • Rating: 2

Death Valley Root Beer

Deerfield Trading Company

Dog n Suds Root Beer

  • Vanilla forward, creamy, a little fizzy, smooth finish.
  • Rating: 4

Dominion Root Beer

Dorothoy’s Isle of Pines

Dougie Dog Butterscotch Root Beer

Dougie Dog Butterscotch RB

  • Caramel, crisp yet creamy due to caramel.
  • Rating: 5

Dr. Brown’s Root Beer

  • Not a strong flavored root beer.
  • Rating: 3

Druthers Black Cow Vanilla Crème Root Beer

Dublin Texas Root Beer

  • Very creamy, flavorful, good mouth feel, fizzy bite.
  • Rating: 5


Earp’s Original Sarsparilla

Elevator Brewery Root Beer (not bottled)

  • X
  • Rating: 5

Empire Root Beer

  • Tangy with a slight after taste from the cane sugar.
  • Rating: 4

Eric’s Famous Energy Root Beer

Eric's Famous RB

  • Butterscotch, creamy soda flavor, bits floating around (ginseng).
  • Rating: 3




Fent’s Old Fashioned Root Beer

Fent's Old Fashioned Root Beer

  • Classic creamy vanilla flavor.
  • Rating: 4

Fest Pecan Root Beer

Fest Pecan Root Beer

  • Definitely pecan flavors paired with vanilla, sharp fizz.
  • Rating: 3

Filbert’s Root Beer

Filberts RB

  • Caramel-vanilla flavor.
  • Rating: 4

Firemans Brew Root Beer

Firemans Brew Root Beer

  • Bite like Barq’s with a creamy but dry flavor at the end.
  • Rating: 3


Fiz Root Beer

Fiz ROC City Root Beer

  • Is indeed fizzy, not a strong flavor.
  • Rating: 3

Fizzy Izzy Root Beer

Flathead Lake Monster

Flat Top Pizza Sarsparilla

  • Vanilla up front with a licorice finish. Creamy flavor coats the tongue.
  • Rating: 4

Food Lion Root Beer

  • Mild. No gross aftertaste from sugarcane. Can’t really taste the wintergreen or clove so it has a classic flavor.
  • Rating: 3

Foxon Park Root Beer

  • Full bodied flavor, rich, creamy, smooth.
  • Rating: 5


Frostie Vanilla

Frostop Root Beer

Frostop Imperial Root Beer

  • Strong root beer flavor, nutty (like nutmeg), mild vanilla but still creamy, flavor is a little flat in the middle.
  • Rating: 3


Gale’s Root Beer

Gene Autry Root Beer

Gene Autry RB

  • A little bite, very foamy, but less of a root beer flavor.
  • Rating: 3

Gene Simmons Money Bag Root Beer

Moneybags Root Beer

  • Dry due to cane sugar but not too overpowering, one of the better ones with cane sugar, creamy vanilla with a slight bite, decent foam.
  • Rating: 4

Gianni’s Root Beer

Ginseng Up American Classics Root Beer

  • Mild ginseng and vanilla flavor, fizzy.
  • Rating: 3

Gold Mine Root Beer

Gold Mine Root Beer

  • Creamy, medium flavor, with a water after taste.
  • Rating: 3

Gold Mine Sarsparilla

Gold Mine Sarsparilla

  • Creamy with a slight bite.
  • Rating: 4

Goose Island

Grandpa’s Cheesebarn Old-Fashioned Root Beer

Grandpa's Cheesebarn Old-Fashioned Root Beer

  • Good flavor, creamy, mild, and smooth. Tastes like a classic root beer.
  • Rating: 3

Grand Teton Brewing Co. Root Beer

Grand Teton RB

  • Classic flavor.
  • Rating: 4

Gray’s Brewing Company Root Beer

  • Creamy vanilla.
  • Rating; 4

Gus Dry Root Beer

Gus Dry RB

  • Root beer flavored sparkling water, bite, slight after taste, not very sweet (although stated on bottle).
  • Rating: 1



Health Valley

Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

  • Creamy, smooth, full flavor with a little bite and foamy.
  • Rating: Perfect 5

Hosmer Root Beer

Hosmer RB

  • Rich, creamy, smooth, and a heavy root beer flavor.
  • Rating: 5

Hummingbird Hill Root Beer

Hummingbird Hill RB

  • Flat, smells better than taste, creamy with a little bite.
  • Rating: 2

Hummingbird Hill Sarsaparilla

Hummingbird Hill Sass

  • Flat, tangy, lacking overall (Peabody thought it had a barleywine flavor).
  • Rating: 2


IBC Root Beer

  • Slightly creamy, vanilla-caramel, mild flavor, no bite.
  • Rating: 3

Il Forno Root Beer

Iron Horse Root Beer

Iron Horse RB

  • Caution! Open over sink-super carbonated, bite, slight beer/yeast flavor.
  • Rating: 2

Ithaca Root Beer

  • Creamy with bite. Close to my ideal.
  • Rating: 4


Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer

  • Mild licorice flavor, like a Barq’s with bite but a little more flavor.
  • Rating: 4

Jackson Hole Buckin’ Root Beer

Jackson Hole Snake River Sarsaparilla

Jackson Hole Snake River Sarsaparilla

  • Creamy vanilla but mild flavor.
  • Rating: 3

Jacksonville General Store Root Beer

Jason’s Deli Root Beer

Jason's Deli Root Beer

  • Mild, sweet, creamy flavor with sharp bubbles.
  • Rating: 2

Jimi’s Hey Joy Root Beer

Jimi's Hey Joe Root Beer

  • Mild anise flavor, sharp bubbles, tastes like root beer candy or a vanilla version of Barq’s.
  • Rating: 3

Jobs Joe’s Root Beer Float

  • Vanilla, not very complex flavored.
  • Rating: 3

Joe Wold’s Root Beer

Johnnie Ryan Root Beer

Johnnie Ryan Root Beer

Jones Soda Company Root Beer

Judge Wapner Root Beer

Judge Wapner RB

  • Slightly flat, creamy, flavor on front but not end.
  • Rating: 3

Jungle Jim’s Root Beer

  • Not very fizzy, a little bite/crisp on the front end, creamy vanilla.
  • Rating: 4

Junior Johnson


Killebrew Root Beer

Killebrew RB

  • Smooth, milder root beer flavor.
  • Rating: 3

Kiss Army Root Beer

  • Strong vanilla flavor, creamy, not very fizzy.
  • Rating: 3

Kroger Private Selection Creamy Ginger Root Beer

Kroger Private Selection Creamy Ginger Root Beer

  • Taste more like ginger ale with a root beer aftertaste – but not a good one. Should be called root beer ginger ale.
  • Rating: 1

Kutztown Root Beer

Kutztown Root Beer

  • Mild.
  • Rating: 2

Kutztown Sarsparilla

  • More fizz than flavor, flat with no finish.
  • Rating: 2


Labrador Butterscotch Root Beer

Labrador Butterscotch Root Beer

  • Creamy caramel with a mild butterscotch flavor.
  • Rating: 3

Lost Trail Root Beer

Lost Trail Sarsaparilla


Maine Root Beer

Maine Sarsaparilla

Manhattan Special Sarsaparilla

Margo’s Dark Root Beer

Mason’s Root Beer

Mercury Brewing Company

Meyers Ave Red Root Beer

  • Bitey, dry, not a typical root beer flavor. Weird after taste, reminds me of a cane sugar after taste.
  • Rating; 2

Minnesota North Draft Root Beer

Minnesota North Draft Root Beer

  • Mild flavor with vanilla and a slight bite.
  • Rating: 3

Minnesota Voyageur Butterscotch Root Beer

Minnesota Voyageur Butterscotch Root Beer

  • Smells good but tastes burnt and funky.
  • Rating; 1

Mission Hard Root Beer

  • Tastes like burned caramel or malt.
  • Rating; 1

Mom’s Root Beer

Mom's RB

  • Zestier, bite.
  • Rating: 3


Napa Valley Soda Company

Natural Brew

Nello’s Café Root Beer

New York Seltzer Root Beer

  • Mild but nice, kind of impressed it’s only seltzer.
  • Rating: 3 (for a root beer, 4 as a seltzer)

Norka Root Beer

  • Strong caramel flavor, rich, slight anise but just enough to be a good flavor without being gross, creamy end flavor.
  • Rating: 4

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Ale

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Ale

  • Creamy vanilla, smooth with spice.
  • Rating: 4


O-So Butterscotch Root Beer

  • Oh so very butterscotchy! Like butterscotch candy melted into root beer. Mild root beer in contrast, cream soda flavor more than root beer, more fizzy than foamy.
  • Rating: 3

Oak Creek Blonde Barrel Aged Root Beer

  • Slightly sweet and mild, flavor does not linger. Kind of leaning towards a cream soda.
  • Rating: 3

Ohio History Connection Root Beer

  • Creamy, smooth, vanilla, good foam, medium flavor. Like a better version of Mug.
  • Rating: 3

Ohio Pop Bigfoot Root Beer

  • Bites the tongue, but a bit flat for flavor. Not a traditional root beer taste. Dlavor does get more enjoyable as it warms a little.
  • Rating: 3

Old Town Root Beer Company Sarsaparilla

Old Town Root Beer Company Root Beer

Olde Brooklyn

Olde Heritage Root Beer

Olde Heritage Root Beer

  • Bland and no foam.
  • Rating: 2

Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer

  • Mild but creamy vanilla-molasses flavor with good foam.
  • Rating: 3

Ole Red Eye Root Beer

  • Smooth vanilla flavor.
  • Rating: 4

Oogave Root Beer

Otto’s Root Beer

  • Creamy, flavorful, strong vanilla flavor but not too much, just right.
  • Rating: 5

Ozark Mountain Root Beer

Ozark Mtn RB

  • Full flavor, creamy with a little bite.
  • Rating: 4

Ozell Root Beer Float

  • Tastes like a vanilla coke.
  • Rating: 2


Pirate’s Keg (w/o cap)

Point Premium Root Beer

Point RB

  • Creamy with a little bite, a little malt.
  • Rating: 5

Polar Classics Root Beer

  • Full flavored, caramel, very creamy, and not too fizzy.
  • Rating: 4


Quaker Steak & Lube (w/o cap)


Rambling Butterscotch Root Beer

  • Definitely butterscotch and vanilla but mild otherwise.
  • Rating: 3

Rat Bastard Root Beer

Rat Bastard Root Beer

  • Sharp but creamy on the end. Very fizzy but no foam. Good classic root beer flavor but nothing special.
  • Rating: 3

Reading Draught Root Beer

Reading Draught Root Beer

  • Creamy vanilla with a little bite.
  • Rating: 4 (Bob said “Like Homer Simpson at a football game it gets a high 4)

Reading Draft Sarsparilla

  • Vanilla, medium bodied.
  • Rating: 3

Red Arrow Root Beer

Red Ribbon Root Beer

  • Tasted good at first but the more I drank it was just okay. Flavor only on the front, dies on the end.
  • Rating: 3

River City Root Beer

River City Root Beer

  • Bite, full bodied flavor, rich, creamy, smooth.
  • Rating: 5

Robust Root Beer

  • Mild flavor but good
  • Rating: 4

Rock It

Rocket Fizz Root Beer Float

Rocky Mountain Root Beer

Rocky Mtn RB

  • Flat, hint of vanilla and anise, smooth, dry cane sugar after taste.
  • Ratings: 3

Route 66



Sandwich Works

Saranac Root Beer

Saranac Root Beer

Sea Dog Root Beer

Shipwreck Soda “The Nordmeer” Root Beer

Sioux City Root Beer

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Sky Valley Root Beer

Sky Valley Root Beer

  • Mild, crisp, less sweet, slight maple flavor. Taste like root beer that had ice in it but melted.
  • Rating: 2

Sparky’s Root Beer


Sprecher Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer

  • Root beer flavor on the front, beer on the end. The transition is strange, sweet to yeasty.
  • Rating: 2

Spring Grove Root Beer

Squamscot Root Beer

Squamscot RB

  • Similar bite to Barq’s, no flavor on back end.
  • Rating: 3

Steaz Green Tea Soda

Steelhead Root Beer

  • Creamy and smooth, not too fizzy. Definitely taste vanilla and a hint of honey.
  • Rating: 4

Stewart’s Root Beer

  • Fizzy, medium classic flavor, baseline root beer like IBC and Mug,
  • Rating: 3

Stone Cellar Root Beer

  • Clear color, weak flavor, and a bit flat tasting.
  • Rating: 2

Stubborn Classic Root Beer

Stubborn Classic Root Beer

  • Creamy, full flavored, classic (as the name suggests), just the right amount of fizz.
  • Rating: 4

Summit Root Beer

  • Flat mild flavor with a little bite.
  • Rating: 2

Swamp Root Beer

  • Tastes like a coke.
  • Rating: 2 (as a root beer 3 as a coke)


The Chubby Bear Root Bear

  • Very creamy with a little tang from the sugar cane.
  • Rating: 3

The Edge Olde No. 43 Root Beer

The Pop Shoppe Root Beer

The Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer

The Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer

  • Creamy and smooth, thick flavored, but not too strong.
  • Rating: 4

Thomas Kemper

Tommy Knocker Root Beer

  • Strong root flavor with bite
  • Rating: 4

Tommy’s Naked Soda

Tower Root Beer

Tower RB

  • Slightly creamy, slightly tangy, hint of licorice
  • Rating: 3

Town Club Root Beer

  • Reminds me of Mug. Creamy malt flavor with a little tang, but the flavor dies on the end.
  • Rating: 3

Tractor Soda Root Beer

  • Mild but sweet, kind of dry. Made with birch so tastes more like birch beer. Refreshing due to wintergreen..
  • Rating: 2

Trader Joes’ Vintage Root Beer

Tree Fort Root Beer

Tree Fort Root Beer

  • Tastes more like canilla coke than root beer.
  • Rating: 1 (as a root beer, 3 as a vanilla coke)

Triple XXX Root Beer

Triple XXX RB

  • Creamy, sweet
  • Rating: 4

Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla

Tyler The Kid Sass

  • Creamy, cinnamon finish
  • Rating: 4


Uncle Scott’s Root Beer



Virgil’s Root Beer

  • Creamy vanilla, like Barq’s but with less bites, slight anise.
  • Rating: 3

Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer


Waialua Soda Works

Way 2 Cool

Weber Root Beer

  • Creamy, vanilla caramel flavor. Not a lot of fizz/foam.
  • Rating: Instant 5

Wellfleet Marketplace Root Beer



Yacht Club Root Beer

  • Mild flavor, creamy vanilla, smooth and not very fizzy. Tastes kind of like Mug.
  • Rating: 3

Yacht Club Sarsaparilla


Zuberfizz Root Beer

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