December 2016 Stitch Fix #19

by Erin

Who has time to shop in person these days? Thankfully there are people that will do it for you like the stylists at Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix

This month is my 19th Stitch Fix! I requested a black puffer coat, long warm sweaters to go with leggings, a fitted waist dress with a print (that wasn’t stripes), and any tops that had fun details (such as aztec prints, leather, shoulder details, etc. basically anything that wasn’t lace or crochet). Let’s see what I got!

December 2016 Stitch Fix #19
I apologize for the washed out photos. It’s been kind of dreary here in Ohio and the lighting stinks. I would’ve gone outside but it was raining! P.S. Some of the jewelry I am wearing is from my other favorite subscription, Rocksbox. If you wanna try it out, use my code ERINBFF367 for a free month.

MARKET & SPRUCE Tori Asymmetrical Colorblock Pullover

1. MARKET & SPRUCE Tori Asymmetrical Colorblock Pullover / XS / $68: Yay a sweater long enough to wear with leggings! So warm and cozy too. And I loved the asymmetrical pattern and hem. I do wish it didn’t have a cowl neck as I’m not a huge fan of them as I mentioned last time. I also seem to be collecting a lot of black/gray lately so I wish it had been more colorful but that’s on me. I go through phases, sometimes I wear a lot of jewel tones, sometimes it’s all brights, and right now it’s grayscale haha.

PAPERMOON Gatlin Sheer Back Detail Blouse

2. PAPERMOON Gatlin Sheer Back Detail Blouse / XS / $48: This top was close but no cigar. I like the pattern, material, and detail in the back but it makes me look frumpy. I also like 3/4 length sleeves but these fit loose and felt instead as if they had shrunk.If the sleeves had had more of a cuff or had been full length I think it would have been a contender.

PIXLEY Florinda Dress

3. PIXLEY Florinda Dress / S / $74: Oh man… guys. This dress fit incredibly well. But I just could not handle the sleeves or the print. And yes I add some bohemian touches to my wardrobe but this is just not doing it for me. However, if you send me the same cut of dress with normal sleeves and not this floral print, I’d be all over it. I’d be okay with even a different floral print but gah, just no. What I was really hoping for was this dress. And yes that’s me pretending to be a mummy. IDK just go with it.


4. LAUNDRY BY SHELLI SEGAL Ingrad Puffer Coat / XS / $178: Yayyy I got a black puffer coat! But holy crap that price. To be honest I found the exact same coat online for almost half the price (oddly enough a friend of mine was wearing a different Laundry by Shelli Segal coat the other night which I was searching for when I found this instead). But honestly, I don’t know if I’d buy it even at half price because I’m not a fan of the pillow collar (that turns into a hood). When it’s down it’s really bulky despite being a pretty lightweight coat. I didn’t capture a good shot of it but if you Google it you’ll see.

PIXLEY Kaity Open Cardigan

5. PIXLEY Kaity Open Cardigan / XS / $78: And then she threw my something with aztec print and I fell in love. Bob thinks it looks like I’m wearing a rug but what does he know? This was by far my favorite piece and a definite keeper even though it is higher than I normally spend on a cardigan. But it’s different enough to warrant it I think.


Since I already know one person who is in love with the dress I got, I’m curious to hear what you think of my fix. It’s always interesting to hear your opinions as styles differ so much from person to person. I’ve learned over time that I have a picky and yet diverse style.

What did you like or dislike? Is there anything you would want for yourself? Make sure to tell your stylist!

For more details on Stitch Fix and how it works, check out my post from December 2014 or my past fixes listed below. Also, they now offer Stitch Fix for men! What dude would pass up the opportunity to have clothing sent to him, that didn’t require going to a store or picking them out? I’m surprised they didn’t set this up sooner.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post! I pay for these clothes on my own. However, this post does provide referral links for new sign ups which gives me a little credit to go towards my next box. Join me in the journey by signing up HERE

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Kayle (The Cooking Actress) December 4, 2016 - 9:26 pm

that cardigan is def the winner!

and omg ahahaaaa THAT DRESS. NO. I 1000% agree with you-the print is super crazy and those sleeves…it’s almost costumey how 60’s it is.

Susan December 2, 2016 - 11:51 pm

That dress is absolutely awful! I can’t imagine anyone wearing it, though I’m sure there are some young people who might. Your pose in the second dress picture fits it perfectly. I like the pullover sweater, even with the cowl neck. I also love the Navajo rug cardigan (goes nicely with the rug we have in our foyer…). The cardigan is the best in the whole collection. IMO the cardigan is the only thing really worth keeping, though I do like the pullover, too.


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