Homemade Taco Bell Beefy 5-Layer Burrito

Taco Bell, how I love you. No matter what is actually in your products I cannot deny the deliciousness. Being the only fast food restaurant I frequent, you could say it’s a guilty pleasure. Sometimes you want Mexican, and other times you want Taco Bell. This particular day I wanted Taco Bell, but didn’t feel like leaving the house. Talk about lazy fat-kid syndrome. So I decided to re-create one of my favorite burritos, and somehow made it healthier. At least as healthy as meat and cheese can be. And you know what? It was filling and comparably wonderful to the real thing.


1 lb ground beef

1/8 cup taco seasoning (or a store-bought packet)

3/4 cup water

8 whole wheat tortillas

8 oz Velveeta cheese made with 2% milk, melted

1 cup low fat re-fried beans

1 cup Mexican style cheese blend, shredded

1/2 cup low fat sour cream


  1. In a large skillet coated with olive oil, brown the ground beef. Add taco seasoning and water, simmer until mostly evaporated. Remove from heat and cover until ready for assembly.
  2. Spread 4 Tbsp of the Velveeta over four tortillas, sandwich with the remaining tortillas. Spread 1/4 cup* each re-fried beans, shredded cheese, and taco meat; top with sour cream.
  3. Roll up tortilla and enjoy!

*Assembly does not need to be precise, but in order to post this I had to come up with some sort of guidelines.

Source: The Spiffy Cookie original

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