Cast Iron Root Beer Baked Beans

These baked beans are on crack! With root beer mixed in as well as bacon and then more bacon on top you might find yourself second guessing that can of beans.

Cast Iron Root Beer Baked Beans 2

Would you believe this is the first (successful) batch of homemade baked beans I’ve ever made? I grew up on Bush’s and have never had a problem with it, in fact I quite enjoyed it (and still do, not gonna lie). Therefore, the motivation to make it myself was lacking. That was until I saw a recipe for root beer baked beans. Obviously that was something I had to try, especially since it also involved bacon. I mean come on, do you really need to twist my arm? I also jazzed up the recipe a bit and baked it in a cast iron skillet cause you know, things look cooler when they are baked in cast iron skillets.

Side note: When cutting the onion, please be mindful of your fingertips as I am sure you would prefer them to not be maimed. Not that I know from experience or anything… I cook so frequently how could I ever do such a thing as silly as that? :-\

Cast Iron Root Beer Baked Beans 1

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Serves 12-16


12 thick bacon slices, divided

1 large yellow onion, diced

1/2 green bell pepper, diced

2 cloves garlic, minced

4 (16 oz.) cans pork and beans, drained

1 cup root beer (not diet)

1/2 cup hickory-smoked barbecue sauce

1/4 cup molasses

1 tsp dry mustard

1 tsp spicy brown mustard

1/4 tsp hot sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 400F.
  2. Cook bacon in a large cast iron skillet over medium heat until crisp; remove and drain on paper towels. Reserve 2 tablespoons bacon grease in skillet and turn up to high heat. Add onion and pepper to the bacon drippings and sauté for 5 minutes or until tender. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute more. Stir in beans, crumbled bacon, and remaining ingredients. Top with remaining 6 slices of bacon.
  3. Place skillet in the oven, uncovered, for 1 hour or until sauce is thickened and bacon is crisp (place under broiler for a minute if necessary).

Source: Adapted from Fake Ginger.


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2 Responses to “Cast Iron Root Beer Baked Beans”

  • Susan:

    These baked beans sound wonderful, like the canned ones on steroids (I haven’t eaten them in so many years I can’t remember the last time I had them, but I still remember the flavor). For what it’s worth, some of us never outgrow the ability to cut off our finger tips while chopping onions or cutting up other things that are slightly less than cooperative. You are not alone, and I’m a lot older than you are… I hope you do outgrow it, unlike me. 🙂

  • […] 4. Cast Iron Root Beer Baked Beans – This is what all baked beans should look like. Not only do I know there’s root beer in there, but that bacon on top! I’m not surprised these showed up in the #4 spot. But seeing them makes me dream of summer cookouts again. Is winter over yet? […]

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