Mile High Peanut Butter Mousse Brownie Pie

by Erin

Brownie with peanut butter cups mixed in, baked in a pie crust, and topped with peanut butter mousse. What more could you ask for?

Mile High Peanut Butter Brownie Mousse Pie 2

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Both the title of this recipe and the food itself is certainly a mouthful. A mouth full of delicious decadence! For those of you that vowed to eat healthier on January 1, I apologize for ruining your good intentions so soon.

Yes I am an enabler and yet I do try to eat healthy year round but the holidays seriously put a dent in things. Or rather put a lump on things since there’s no less of me afterwards.

But in all seriousness, I bought my wedding dress when I had just finished a 9 week fitness program paired with a meal plan and got into the best shape I’ve been in my adult life – not that I was severely out of shape I just liked the challenge. And I swear I did not do that on purpose, I was already doing the challenge before I was engaged!

But regardless, that means I have to get back to it before my dress arrives in a few months and then somehow manage to stay there until the wedding in August.

For now, I will devour a large slice of this brownie pie, stuffed with peanut butter cups, topped with peanut butter mousse, and topped with even more peanut butter cups. Because I made this to celebrate the Buckeyes taking on the Trojans in the Cotton Bowl!

Yes that was last week which means I totally intended to post this as the last recipe of 2017 but forgot and now it’s the first recipe of 2018 instead!

Mile High Peanut Butter Brownie Mousse Pie 1

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Mile High Peanut Butter Brownie Mousse Pie 2


Yield: 12-16 servings Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat



  • 1 refrigerated pie crust
  • Favorite boxed brownie mix, plus indicated ingredients (could also make homemade)
  • 8 peanut butter cups, chopped


  • 1/2 block (4 oz.) cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • More chopped peanut butter cups, for garnish


  1. Heat oven to 350°F. Unroll pie crust, fit into an ungreased 9-inch glass pie plate, and flute the edge.
  2. Prepare the brownie layer according to packaged directions, fold in peanut butter cups, and pour into prepared crust. Bake for 30-40 minutes, covering edge of crust with strips of foil after 15 to 20 minutes, until center of brownie is set. Cool for 20 minutes on a wire rack and then refrigerate 1 hour or until completely cooled.
  3. In the meantime, prepare the peanut butter mousse layer. In the bowl of a stand mixer or in a bowl with a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese and peanut butter until fluffy. Add the sugar, vanilla and salt and beat again.
  4. Put the peanut butter concoction into another bowl, clean out the first bowl and whip the cream to stiff peaks. Fold the whipped cream into the peanut butter and continue until completely combined.
  5. Using a rubber spatula, spread the peanut butter mousse on top of the cooled brownies, and sprinkle with chopped peanut butter cups. Place in refrigerator to set for at least three hours.
  6. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
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Source: Adapted from my Peanut Butter Cup Crunch Brownie Mousse Pie.

Did you make this recipe? I want to see!

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The Itty Bitty Fitty Litty January 30, 2018 - 8:53 pm

This looks DELICIOUS and I would probably want to eat the whole thing in one sitting!

By the way your page is the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen!

spiffycookie January 31, 2018 - 8:03 am

It’s pretty hard not to devour it all for sure! And thank you! I’ve actually been meaning to do a makeover to it because it hasn’t changed since I started over 7 years ago, but when people like you say that my motivation to do so fails haha.

Angela January 5, 2018 - 6:33 pm


spiffycookie January 11, 2018 - 1:50 pm

Thanks Ange!

cakespy January 3, 2018 - 7:45 am

Oh my good good goodie-goodness. This is the most wonderful thing!!

spiffycookie January 3, 2018 - 10:00 am

I’m glad you agree :-D


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