Buckeye Recipe Roundup

by Erin

Prepare yourself for all the buckeyes! This buckeye recipe roundup includes over 40 different creations inspired by buckeye peanut butter & chocolate candies. 

Many people, especially those in the Midwest, are familiar with buckeye candies. For some, they only appear around the holidays and often come fully covered under another name – peanut butter balls. But especially in Ohio they are popular all fall season long for college football.

If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you know that every season for college football I share a different peanut butter and chocolate recipe on Saturday game days aka #PBchocSat. Not all recipes I share include actual buckeyes, or even look like buckeyes, they just have to include peanut butter and chocolate inspired by them.

That being said, in preparation for the first game a week from today against Minnesota I rounded up over 40 recipes that either include buckeye candies in the recipes themselves or the finished product looks like a buckeye. Which means even though I have even more recipes that have “buckeye” in the name, if they didn’t meet those criteria they weren’t added. I also snagged a few from some food blogger friends to spread the love.

I realize I dominate this list quite a bit. To be honest I was surprised I didn’t find more from others but I guess I am a special breed of fan when it comes to buckeye recipe creations. Prepare yourself for all the awesomeness while I ponder what on earth I am going to make this season for new recipes.


Bacon Buckeyes 2

Bacon Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – If you thought buckeyes were decadent already, then you might want to sit down while I tell you about these buckeyes made with bacon!

Blackout Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie

Blackout Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – If there isn’t enough chocolate in a buckeye for your liking, then have a double dose with chocolate blended into the filling as well as on the exterior!

Boozy Buckeye Hot Chocolate #whiskey #spiked

Boozy Buckeye Hot Chocolate by The Spiffy Cookie – Get some extra warmth out of your hot cocoa by throwing a shot of peanut butter whiskey into the mix!

Buckeye Baked Oatmeal #peanutbutteroatmeal #ohiostate

Buckeye Baked Oatmeal by The Spiffy Cookie – When you combine baked oatmeal with the flavors or peanut butter and chocolate, you create a delicious start to your day.

Buckeye Brownie Bites by Life Love & Good Food – Buckeye Brownie Bites — miniature brownies topped with peanut butter “buckeye” candy balls and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache — are a fun dessert for holiday parties or for sharing at Christmas cookie swaps.

Buckeye Brownie Cookies by Amanda’s Cookin’, Renee’s Kitchen Adventures, Saving You Dinero, and The Spiffy Cookie – Similar to the recipe above, combine your love of buckeye candies and brownies together into a single cookie. These brownie-like cookies are literally topped with peanut butter buckeye balls. Clearly they are popular because when I asked my fellow blogger friends to send me their buckeye recipes this was a repeat offender and I wanted to give everyone credit so I linked them all!

Buckeye Bundt Cake 3

Buckeye Bundt Cake by The Spiffy Cookie – Step up your bundting game by adding a surprise inside. The peanut butter cheesecake filling will excited peanut butter and Buckeye lovers alike.

Buckeye Cake by The Spiffy Cookie – Your favorite homemade candy is now available as an entire cake. This peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting is decorated to look just like a buckeye!

Peanut Butter Buckeye Cake Balls #thespiffycookie

Buckeye Cake Balls by The Spiffy Cookie – Remember cake ball truffles? Make peanut butter cake balls with homemade frosting and dip them in chocolate and you’ve made buckeye cake balls!

Buckeye “Cheese Ball” by The Spiffy Cookie – This Buckeye Cheese Ball is the largest buckeye you’ll ever see! Best served with graham crackers or apple slices.

Buckeye Cheesecake by The Spiffy Cookie – If you thought cheesecake was already decadent, prepare yourself for this buckeye cheesecake with peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, and more buckeyes on top.

Buckeye Cheesecake Cake 2

Buckeye Cheesecake Cake by The Spiffy Cookie – If you thought the combination of peanut butter and chocolate couldn’t get more decadent, then you clearly have not yet met this cake.

Bite out of a Buckeye Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Slice.

Buckeye Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Slices by The Spiffy Cookie – imagine an apple slice stuffed into a buckeye candy and that’s pretty much what these are!

Buckeye Coconut Macaroons by The Spiffy Cookie – These coconut macaroons are ready for anything. From the holidays to Buckeye sports viewing, these will surely be a hit!

Buckeye Cupcakes by The Spiffy Cookie – What’s better than a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting? One stuffed with a buckeye and another on top!

Buckeye Granola by The Spiffy Cookie – Wakeup with the buckeyes, candies that is. I’ve added miniature buckeye candies to a chocolate-peanut butter granola to start game day off right.

Buckeye Granola Bites by The Spiffy Cookie – These healthy peanut butter granola bites are dipped in dark chocolate to resemble buckeyes. They are a snacky, breakfasty, healthier version of the popular buckeye candies.

Homemade Buckeye Hot Chocolate Bombs

Buckeye Hot Chocolate Bombs by The Spiffy Cookie – Hot chocolate bombs were the hottest things to hit mugs everywhere last winter. But have you had a buckeye version yet?

Buckeye Kolaches 2

Buckeye Kolaches by The Spiffy Cookie – Supple chocolate dough wrapped around a peanut butter cream cheese filling is what makes up these buckeye kolaches. Enjoy for breakfast or dessert!

Buckeye Linzer Cookies 5

Buckeye Linzer Cookies by The Spiffy Cookie – Chocolate linzer cookies with straight peanut butter in the middle because why the heck not? Bonus points that they look like flattened buckeyes.

Buckeye Macaron Cake #PBchocSat #GoBucks

Buckeye Macaron Cake by The Spiffy Cookie – Chewy giant macarons are layered with fluffy peanut butter frosting, and topped with ganache and buckeyes! I am still super proud of this creation.

Buckeye Monkey Bread Muffins by The Spiffy Cookie – Just like their namesake, these buckeye monkey bread muffins are stuffed with peanut butter and have a chocolatey exterior.

Buckeye Muffins 3

Buckeye Muffins by The Spiffy Cookie – Wake up to buckeyes in muffin form! Your favorite chocolate muffin gets dolled up with a dot of peanut butter cheesecake on top.

Buckeye Rice Krispies Treats by The Spiffy Cookie – Imagine peanut butter rice krispies treats but rolled up into balls and dipped into chocolate – now you’ve got buckeye rice krispies treats!

Buckeye Shortbread Cookies by The Spiffy Cookie – Shortbread doesn’t get any more fun than this. Try adding powdered peanut butter to your next batch for a fun treat.

Buckeye Spritz Cookies 4

Buckeye Spritz Cookies by The Spiffy Cookie – In my family, spritz cookies are a close second to sugar cookie cutouts for traditional holiday cookies. And these chocolate and peanut butter spritz cookies that resemble buckeyes are an upgrade to that tradition!

Buckeye Stuffed Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Cake by The Spiffy Cookie – If you love Buckeye Candies then you’re going to die for this cookie cake. A chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cake is stuffed with peanut butter filling, topped with peanut butter frosting, and mini buckeyes!

Buckeye Stuffed Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 5

Buckeye Stuffed Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Spiffy Cookie – Peanut butter inception right here. If you thought peanut butter chocolate chip cookies couldn’t get any better, stuff them with a buckeye!

Buckeye Trail Mix by The Spiffy Cookie – Trail mix is delicious but have you tried an exclusively peanut butter and chocolate version? My buckeye pride is showing in this version.

Cheesecake Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie #recipe #buckeyes #peanutbutter

Cheesecake Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – Love cheesecake? Imagine peanut butter cheesecake with a chocolate shell, but in miniature form and you’ve got cheesecake buckeyes!

Decadent Buckeye Latte Cocktail by 2 Cookin Mamas – Warm up this winter with a decadent Buckeye Latte cocktail. Rich flavors of peanut butter and chocolate combine with coffee, milk and a touch of white chocolate liqueur to warm you from the inside out.

Easy Buckeye Recipe by Devour Dinner – If you love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, then this Easy Buckeye Recipe is for you! Made with Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Pretzels it’s the perfect dessert or snack to curb your sweet tooth.

Epic Buckeye Brownie Cheesecake by Food Folks and Fun – This cheesecake cake has 2 layers of fudgy brownies, 1 layer of luscious peanut butter cheesecake, fluffy peanut butter frosting, silky-smooth chocolate ganache, and luscious buckeye confections. All of these elements make this Buckeye Brownie Cheesecake Cake simply irresistible!

Flourless Buckeye Blossom Cookies by The Spiffy Cookie – These flourless buckeye blossom cookies have a gluten-free chewy peanut butter cookie base topped with a whole chocolate covered peanut butter buckeye candy.

Flourless Buckeye Turtle Thumbprint Cookies #glutenfree

Flourless Buckeye Turtle Thumbprint Cookies by The Spiffy Cookie – Flourless chocolate peanut butter cookies are dotted with peanuts, filled with peanut butter caramel, and drizzled with chocolate to resemble turtles!

Healthier Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – Make slightly healthier buckeyes with coconut oil, reduced fat peanut butter, and dark chocolate. But they still have powdered sugar so not completely healthy :-P.

Healthy Buckeye Peanut Butter Balls by Coffee. Fit. Kitchen. – These Healthy Buckeye Peanut Butter Balls are the best healthy makeover ever! They are sweetened with honey and semi-sweet chocolate, so you won’t even miss the powdered sugar! They have a creamy peanut butter center and a delicious chocolate coating! These buckeyes are way healthier than your regular buckeye candies, but they still have the wonderful chocolate and peanut butter flavors we all love.

Inside Out Buckeyes 3

Inside Out Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – Turn your insides out in a good way with these inside out buckeyes – chocolate on the inside and peanut butter on the outside. Inspired by the inside-out Reese’s peanut butter cups from the early 2000s.

Nutella Buckeyes by Platter Talk – Nutella Buckeyes are a savory twist of the traditional buckeye treat that many of us grew up with. This sweet twist on the classic peanut butter fudge that is half-wrapped in chocolate features the hazelnut flavors of Nutella chocolate spread.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Buckeyes 4

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – Egg-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough dipped in more chocolate? Heck yes! Not that eggs have ever stopped me from eating raw cookie dough…

REESE’S-Buckeye Whoopie Pies by The Spiffy Cookie – Buckeyes are more than just a nut or even a candy confection. These whoopie pies combine buckeyes with REESE’S for one unbeatable treat.

Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles by Baking Beauty – Like the name suggests, these buckeyes are stuffed with an oreo truffle inside. Creamy peanut butter and crunchy oreos coated in rich chocolate. Super easy and no bake!

Plate of S'mores Buckeyes

S’mores Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – These buckeyes are made with marshmallow creme, graham crackers, and have an extra mini marshmallow inside. The results may be one of the best buckeye variations yet.

Vegan Buckeye Candies by Dish by Dish and Vegan in the Freezer – Instead of butter, the recipe by Dish by Dish uses coconut oil instead (much like my healthier version). Interestingly enough she also adds coconut flour. I had heard of some recipes uses graham crackers so in such a case that would be a good substitute if gluten-free is also required. Vegan in the Freezer’s version sticks closer to the classic by using vegan butter

Vegan Buckeye Pancakes with Peanut Butter Syrup by The Spiffy Cookie – Start your day off right. These vegan buckeye pancakes look just like flattened buckeye candies and are topped with a decadent peanut butter syrup!

White Chocolate Buckeyes by The Spiffy Cookie – Your favorite peanut butter truffles had a costume change and are now dipped in white chocolate.


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