Review: Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer

I have to admit, I had never heard of Sanford D’Amato before reading his memoir, Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer. Regardless, I found his memoir to be very interesting. D’Amato takes the reader through his childhood in Milwaukee, training at the Culinary Institute of America, and his challenges and successes thereafter which eventually led to the opening of his restaurant, Sanford. He also included 80 recipes which woven into the stories, and places at the end of each chapter.


Before talking about the recipes I tried, I wanted to recall a couple lines from his text that I, and I am sure many others, can relate to:

“It’s a shame that the first time we try foods, we don’t always have the perfectly prepared versions; many folks go through their lives hating certain foods for no other reason than that they were prepared incorrectly.” – Talking about his experience with sweetbreads, which I have never had myself but I definitely experienced this phenomenon with other foods. This list covers things such a meringue, meatloaf (wasn’t prepared incorrectly in the past, just different), red snapper, etc.

“I found out that with forethought, ingenuity, and organization, you don’t need all that extra space to create good food.” – Talking about his mini kitchen while living in NYC. His was probably smaller than mine, but I definitely applied those skills to pull off some creative and/or large meals. People sometimes cannot believe that I have a food blog after seeing the small size of my kitchen.

“Anyone who has ever seen a professional cook eat knows that the word savor is not in their vocabularies. Cooks usually eat at a frantic pace in large, voluminous bites, as time is always at a premium.” – I am by no means a professional, but I definitely have difficulty savoring my food. As a child I was always the last one done eating at the dinner table, preventing my other siblings from being excused. But then college happened and I had to woof down my food in between classes, and it has stuck ever since. You would think that with an exceptionally delicious meal or dessert I would slow down to savor but it’s the exact opposite, I want to stuff another forkful/spoonful into my face after barely swallowing the previous bite.

On to the recipes! The first I tried was the Lemon Curd Meringues which I opted to make with Meyer lemons. This was my first experience with homemade meringue on top of a dessert and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. In the past the meringues I made at home were crispy but this was fluffy like whipped cream with a slightly crisp exterior from the broiler. Great topped for lemon curd!

Lemon Curd Meringues

The other recipe I tried was his Black Bean Chili with Cheddar Cheese Toast. I’ve never made a chili that wasn’t my dad’s recipe, but this recipe was relatively similar using chunks of beef and beans, using black instead pinto beans, serrano instead of a bell pepper and a little bit of bacon. With a side of toast covered in melty cheddar cheese it was a success and a fun variation of chili from what I normally make.

Black Bean Chili

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary copy from Agate Publishing, Inc.. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Review: OodleTip Pastry Bags

When it comes to baking, frosting can sometimes be a challenge, especially when using tips and pastry bags. Seeing a need, Brenda Grimes invented the OodleTip® pastry bag – the World’s only disposable pasty bag with an attached versatile tip. The OodleTip® bag debuted this past March 2013 at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. Since then the OodleTip® bag has been picked up by companies around the world. Michaels Craft Stores will begin carrying the OodleTip® & Little OodleDoodle® (for children) this month.

OodleTip® Bag Features and Benefits:

  • One piece bag with an attached tip – no more hassle assembling and dismantling
  • Disposable – no need to wash tip and store for future use
  • Customizable tip selection – includes several designs and sizes:
    • Food-Filling and large Swirl Size = 1”
    • French Star: Sizes 1/4 – 9/10”
    • Round and Piping Sizes: 1/32 – 1/4”                                                                                           
  • Flexible squeezable tip – no clogging during food filling
  • Retail box package includes: 10 disposable, 16″ OodleTip® bags with attached tips
  • MSRP: $9.99                         


I received samples of this product a couple months ago and have enjoyed using them for all of my frosting, filling, and piping needs. Since I don’t do a lot of mass quantity baking, I tended to use more of the OodleDoodles (meant for kids), but both kinds work the same. You start out with a plastic bag already fitted with a versatile tip. I liked to fill my bag before proceeding any further, ensuring that none of my filling/frosting would ooze out. Depending on the shape desired, you then cut the tip with a pair of scissors at the appropriate spot. One cool idea is that you could start with a writing tip, and then cut higher to change to a star.

OodleTip 1

After cutting you are free to squeeze away just like you would with a normal bag and tip set-up. The tip is also flexible, making it easy to squeeze out every last drop of frosting. Something you could not do with a normal metal tip. My only hesitation with using these tips is that I am the type of person that washes and reuses zip-top baggies, so it felt wrong to throw away these pastry bags. I actually did wash and reuse a couple of them, and they withstood the reuse. (And it was nice not worrying about the tip falling into the garbage disposal, subsequently being forgotten and ruined.)

OodleTip 2

So what did I make using these OodleTips? Remember these Peanut Butter Mousse Cookie Cups? I cut the tip to a round shape to fill these babies.

Peanut Butter Mousse Cookie Cups

Then, I cut the tip to a star to frost these White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes.

 White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Cutting to a French star resulted in the frosting on top of these Hazelnut Baci Cupcakes.

Hazelnut Baci Cupcakes

And finally, I also used the French tip to top this lemon curd with meringue. Not my best piping job ever, but it still tasted wonderful!

OodleTip 4

What do you think? Would you prefer using these OodleTips over the tradition piping bag fitted with a metal tip?

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary product from BonNosh, LLC. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Eggnog Dip with New York Style Sweet Swirls Snack Crisps

When it comes to potlucks, it is always expected that I will bring a dessert (a safe assumption as I usually do). However, I mentioned wanting to bring something else to The Pharmacy potluck but was scoffed as if to not bring a dessert was unacceptable. I am not discounting the praise I receive when people say that they love my desserts, but give my non-baked goods a chance!

In order to win the masses over, I decided to team up with the new Sweet Swirls from New York Style for a dip to bring to the aforementioned potluck – yes a dessert dip, I compromised. New York Style Sweet Swirls is a new baked snack crisp product that comes in Cinnabon and Chocolate, and transforms any snack into something extra special. I knew they would be a perfect match with this eggnog dip.

Although I could have easily devoured them by themselves, the flavor of the Sweet Swirls was not dramatic. Instead they added just right amount of flavor to compliment the eggnog dip rather than overpower. My favorite for this particular dip was the Cinnabon and appeared as though most people agreed with me as that bowl dwindled faster than the chocolate. I thought for sure the chocolate would go first!

What would you serve with New York Style Sweet Swirls? Another idea I had for the Chocolate Sweet Swirls was to make little fruit pizzas, using them as the “crust” instead of a brownie. I’ll have to buy more in order to try it out!

Eggnog Dip

I also made an appetizer using the Garlic Parmesan Panetini. I will share that recipe at a later date.

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Review: LouAna Coconut Oil & Hazelnut Baci Cupcakes

With all the holiday baking going on right now, I find myself longing for those traditional holidays recipes but at the same time love trying out new things. I have dabbled a little with coconut oil in my baking and cooking and decided to give LouAna Pure Coconut Oil a try in some of my holiday recipes. Coconut oil is the latest buzz ingredient with a neutral flavor and aroma which allows for its incredible versatility. It is a natural alternative to butter and other oils, and contains zero trans-fat. While other oils and butter are high in artery-clogging LDL cholesterol and low in HDL cholesterol (known as “good” cholesterol), coconut oil has been proven to actually raise HDL levels in the body.


I decided to try this oil out in two different ways in one recipe – Hazelnut Baci Cupcakes which consist of hazelnut cupcakes topped with Nutella buttercream, chopped hazelnuts and even white chocolate Baci. Side note: Baci is the Italian word for “kisses” and the name for a truffle filled with milk chocolate, hazelnut gianduia, and a whole hazelnut, and coated with dark chocolate. I first experienced these little nuggets while on a trip to Italy with my highschool Italian class. In the U.S. I typically have only been able to find them at stores like Home Goods, and recently stumbled upon the white chocolate variety. I knew instantly that something special had to be made with them.

White Chocolate Baci

For these cupcakes, coconut oil was used in place of the canola oil and butter in the batter and even some of the butter in the frosting. The end result was a soft, fluffy cupcake topped with creamy frosting, and admirers that were clueless to the switch. These cupcakes may not be diet friendly, but I am a sucker for cutting out even minimal amounts of guilt from my baking and cooking. When you cannot taste the difference, why not make those little substitutions?

Hazelnut Baci Cupcakes

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Review: The Dollop Book of Frosting & Orange Cut-Out Cookies with Orange Cardamom Icing

Before I defended my dissertation a couple months ago several people came to my rescue with guest posts, including Heather Saffer, winner of Cupcake Wars author of The Dollop Book of Frosting. This cookbook is not only full of fun and creative frosting flavors, but also novel ways to enjoy frosting – because frosting should not be restricted to cakes and cookies. Today her holiday blog tour stops here and I am sharing a recipe from this cookbook that would be perfect to make this holiday.

As I expressed previously, Heather’s Ultimate Dude Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Buttercream stole my heart upon first sight. I can see why they were the big winner in Cupcake Wars. Flipping through the rest of the recipes I was also drawn to the Strawberry Spinach Cheesecakes with Strawberry Balsamic Goat Cheese Frosting and Vanilla Buttermilk Waffles with Maple Bacon Frosting. Frosting is now for breakfast kids, rejoice! Her recipes will take frosting down avenues you never thought possible. So if you love frosting and are looking for creative recipes then you really need to snatch this up. It would also be a great gift to grab for the sweet-tooth in your life ;-).

Orange Cut-Out Cookies 2

Now I know that I said frosting goes beyond cakes and cookies, but cut-out cookies were a staple for every holiday when I was growing up. We had scads of cookie cutters shapes, food coloring, and festive sprinkles for every occasion. These cut-out cookies pump up your traditional sugar cookie cut-outs with the flavors of orange and cardamom – a combination that will leave your palate both refreshed and comforted. For the upcoming winter holidays, I decided to cut mine with snowflakes and they tasted better than any snowflake that has ever landed on my tongue.

Orange Cut-Out Cookies 1

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Review: Creative Cooking (for One or Two)

I am changing things up a little this Sunday to instead talk about a cookbook that offers recipes which serve one to two people (sometimes up to four depending on how small you portion the servings). Seemed completely appropriate to post such a review on Single Serving Sunday!

Creative Cooking (for One or Two) addresses the problem that many parents have: how to go from cooking large quantities which feed a crowd to smaller servings for one or two when their children fly the coop. Or for those children who are now living on their own (like me still, ten years and counting).

These recipes span from breakfast foods, soups/salads/sandwiches, entrees, all the way to dessert. Many of these recipes can be made in a toaster oven (or microwave), reducing the amount of energy used and heat created compared to a full-sized oven. And each recipe includes degrees of difficulty and approximate calorie counts.

There is also a Festive Feasts chapter which offers meals for holidays and other special events, but with fewer servings for less leftovers. I loved this chapter as it relates to my Thanksgiving Dinner for Two. The festive menu line-ups include New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, sporting events, and even a birthday brunch.

Creative Cooking for One or Two

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Pinto Bean Breakfast Patty Melts & The New Southwest Giveaway

Have you had a chance to check out The New Southwest Cookbook by Meagan of Scarletta Bakes? If not then today is your lucky day because not only am I sharing a recipe from her new cookbook, but am also hosting a giveaway for one lucky reader to receive a copy!

scarletta bakes coverTo start, there’s a chapter which covers all the essentials for a southwest kitchen pantry as well as acceptable substitutions when you cannot locate a certain ingredient in a recipe, which I completely appreciated as sometimes it is difficult to find certain ingredients. Then there is a “building blocks” chapter covering all the condiments and foodstuffs seen in southwestern cooking from roasted chiles to homemade corn tortillas. Although it is not necessary to make your own tortillas, salsa, etc. from scratch, it certainly adds to the experience. I really want to try making my own tortillas once I get my hands on a tortilla press.

Browsing through the subsequent chapters, several recipes immediately struck me such as the fried sage smashed potatoes and the dulce de leche layer cake with sweet pecan “pesto”. The picture of that cake made me swoon, with pecan “pesto” dripping all over the place. But when I saw the pinto bean breakfast patty melts I knew it was time to treat myself to a hearty, spicy breakfast.

These breakfast patties were easy to throw together and I loved that they could be wrapped up before being cooked and saved for later since I typically only cook for myself. After being fried and topped with cheese, these patty melts were layered with spicy flavor – both in heat and spices. If you are a bit timid to spiciness you may want to consider removing the seeds from the jalapenos.

 Pinto Bean Breakfast Patty Melts

Want to win a copy? Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter after viewing the recipe below!

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Review: Taste of Home Recipes Across America

One of my favorite things about traveling is sampling the local food. What food items have you tried during your journeys that you would love to have again? Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza, Southern Fried Chicken or Mississippi Mud Cake? You’ll find those classic regional recipes in Taste of Home Recipes Across America.

Divided into five regions (Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, and West), Recipes Across America offers 735 specialties enjoyed by locals using regional produce. You’ll even discover ethnic specialties passed down through generations that became hometown favorites. In addition, hundreds of snapshots of food festivals and landmarks are scattered among the pages. And as a bonus, you’ll also find food folklore, recipe histories and fun food facts.

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Review: Baker’s Secret Giveaway & Lattice Chicken and Sweet Potato Potpie

If you’ve ever shopped for bakeware or have spent any time in the kitchen you have probably heard of Baker’s Secret. Not only do many bakers depend on Baker’s Secret, all Baker’s Secret Essentials products have a premium non-stick coating, are durable & long lasting, are metal spatula safe, are dishwasher safe, and have a full lifetime warranty. What’s your favorite fall recipe using your Baker’s Secret products? Tell me about it in the comments section and then enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post!

Lattice Chicken Potpie 1

With the holidays fast approaching, Baker’s Secret gave me an early holiday present of two of products in order to create two different festive recipes to share with you. I received their 9-inch pie pan and 12-cup muffin pan. Today I am sharing a savory recipe using the pie pan because your pie pan has more utility than just making sweet, delicious pies. How about POTpie? But not just any potpie, a potpie with sweet potato and a lattice crust!

Lattice Chicken Potpie 2

This potpie recipe had been my go-to for many years. The original recipe used canned condensed potato soup, but I like to use cream cheese instead and add in my own potato. This time I decided to use sweet potato (which I peeled and cooked in the microwave for 4 minuets) and some extra seasonings to make it even more fall-appropriate. As for the crust, don’t let the lattice top intimidate you. I simply used a can of crescent dough, sealed the seams and cut into strips. Easy peasy and looks great with the addition of an egg-white wash.

Lattice Chicken Potpie 3

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Review: Carapelli Olive Oil & Crispy Gnocchi

Olive oil is one of those things that I typically buy the generic store brand of. Mostly because it’s less expensive, and also because I generally cannot tell the difference unless using in a recipe where it is the main attraction. So when I received a bottle of Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil to try out, I made sure to pick out recipes where I would be able to taste the difference.


The first thing I decided to make with my bottle of Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil was herb infused olive oil. I got excited thinking about what I would cook with the infused oil once it was prepared, but to my disappointment it grew mold in the air-tight container stored in the refrigerator! Next time I’ll use a different method that doesn’t require leaving the herbs in the bottle. Thankfully I still had half a bottle remaining to try something else in the meantime.

After my failure to make infused olive oil, I decided to prepare something a little safer – homemade pesto. My basil plant had been growing out of control and it seemed fortuitous. This olive oil made me fall in love with my homemade pesto all over again. Pesto is definitely one of those things where the quality of the olive oil matters.

With the remaining small amount of olive oil, I decided to make crispy gnocchi by pan-frying cooked gnocchi in olive oil. This results in what you would expect – gnocchi with a crispy exterior. Served along with the Lighter Chicken Parmesan I shared yesterday, this meal was a hit!

Crispy Gnocchi

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