M at Miranova

by Erin

If you are lucky enough to live in the Columbus, OH area, I highly recommend checking out M at Miranova for dinner tonight!

M at Miranova

I don’t normally post about my experiences at restaurants around town. Mostly because I always intended for this blog to be a recipe blog, not just a place to drool over pictures of food without the hopes of recreating it at home. In fact there have been several times that I recreate recipes at home which were inspired by a dish I had at a restaurant. However, my experience at M at Miranova and their 15 year anniversary menu cannot be recreated – at least not in my home.


Bob and I went there earlier this month to celebrate our own dating anniversary – figured what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with an anniversary menu! The items on this menu are throwbacks to what was on their menu when they first opened 15 years ago. And one of our friends works happens to work there and he makes some killer cocktails. Pictured above is the Marquee with the fancy M in the foam and one of my favorites the Black Orchid because there’s an actual flower frozen in the round ice cube served in it. They actually have a pretty sweet happy hour that we frequent but we were here to go balls out on dinner instead so we then moved to a table.


Their anniversary menu has two options for each course, starter, entree, and dessert, which made our decision easy as we just ordered one of everything and split it all in half. We started with the wild mushroom potstickers (paired with Vina Alberdi Rioja). I was slightly nervous about these because I’m not a huge fan of mushroom. More so the texture than the flavor. But let me tell you, these potstickers were amazing! I probably could have ordered another round or two and called it a night. But at the same time, the prospect of trying all the other dishes kept me in check.


Next up was the bibb salad with goat cheese and a mandarin orange vinaigrette (served with Castell de Raimet Albarino). It was pretty tasty and was nice to have something a little lighter before the main events arrived. Don’t mean to cut the salad short but I think you will understand once you see what’s next.


I did something very unlike myself and willingly allowed salmon to be placed in front of me. While there are some rare occasions in which I will find seafood tasty, they are few and far between and usually I try it in the safety of someone’s home or taking a bite of someone else’s so I am not risking paying for something that I won’t like. But I had faith and it paid off (served with Underwood Pinot Noir). Thing king salmon was delightfully crispy on the outside and not fishy at all. And that little stack of potatoes it was served on top of sealed the deal. I would gladly come back and order this dish (who am I!?).


It’s hard to follow up me actually liking fish but the chefs at this restaurant mean business! This dish is called “steak in a bowl”. Such an unsuspecting name for the best thing I’ve eaten in months. It had horseradish creamed leeks which I wasn’t sure I’d like but the horseradish was very subtle and not overpowering in the slightest. Sweet glory I want this bowl to magically appear in front of me again right now.

Chocolate Pate at M

Next up was dessert! Which started with this fancy looking thing called a Chocolate Pate. Evidently the grandmother of someone who works there makes this for the restaurant and refuses to give the recipe to anyone. I love that things like that exist even at fancy restaurants.


Last but not least was the Cracker Jack Brulee, which was served as 3 separate kinds: vanilla, caramel, and peanut. The caramel was my favorite of the three but it was fun being able to try 3 desserts in addition to the one I already had. Professional glutton right here.


Oh and I almost forgot, I pretty much ate my weight in sourdough bread and butter topped with sea salt. I honestly was scooping the butter out of the dish with the bread itself. I’m so classy, sometimes I wonder why they let me into these places haha.

Seriously, this menu was one of the best I’ve had but alas this menu is only available this month… which ends today! So I may to get my butt back there tonight before it’s too late. There are similar items on their regular menus but if you live in the Columbus area you really should go tonight. I don’t care what excuse you have to make to get there, just do it. If you are seeing this past September 30, 2016 then go anyway because their regular menu is pretty stinking amazing as well. Or at least go for happy hour. And say hi to my friend Josh, he’s a pretty awesome fella.

Thanks for the mind-blowing dual anniversary dinner and outstanding service, M at Miranova!

Disclosure: My boyfriend and I were invited by M at Miranova to come and try their anniversary menu. While the meal was complimentary, I was not further compensated for this post and also was not required to write it, I just needed to spread the food-loving! All thoughts and opinions are my own.



Susan September 30, 2016 - 11:31 am

So glad you were able to have such a wonderful anniversary dinner. Even though I don’t live in Columbus your photos got me to read the entire post. My husband is a non-fish-eater but I actually cooked fish last week (I’m very careful what I pick to cook on those odd occasions when I do that), and I think he actually enjoyed it. Growth is a wonderful thing. :-)

spiffycookie September 30, 2016 - 3:04 pm

I wish I did like seafood because it often looks good and has health benefits but I cannot deny what my taste buds dictate sometimes.


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