May the Fourth Be with You Recipes

by Erin

Today is a day for nerds to proclaim, May the Fourth be with you! Celebrate the stories from a galaxy far far away with this round up of May the Fourth Be with You Recipes.

May the Fourth Be with You Recipes.

It’s a good thing I enjoy Star Wars because I share a birthday with it! While it’s not the actually birth-day of the franchise, you cannot deny the perfect pun it provides. Although I think May 6th should be the Revenge of the Sixth instead of May 5th as Revenge of the Fifth, but I digress…

In the spirit of this holiday, I decided to round up a list of recipes from all across the internet. While most of them are sweets, there are a few savory options and a couple beverages which you can make with or without alcohol.

Baby Yoda Cocktail #starwars #sourapple

Baby Yoda Cocktail by The Spiffy Cookie – Complete with a little burlap robe, blueberry eyes and lime wedge ears, this baby yoda cocktail is simple to make and even cuter to drink. I’ve also seen a baby yoda cocktail with kiwis and black olives,

Baby Yoda Cookies.

Baby Yoda Cookies by Thrifty Jinxy – The secret to making baby yoda cookies? Cut the head off of an angel cookie cutter – ha!

Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs.

Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs by Three Olives Branch – Deviled eggs don’t get any better than this. With the white as his pod, snap peas for ears, and peppercorns for eyes, it’s almost too cute to eat.

Homemade Baked Lightsaber Churros

Baked Lightsaber Churros by The Spiffy Cookie – Changing a regular churro into a lightsaber is as simple as adding colored sanding sugar to the cinnamon-sugar coating.

Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Turkey Burgers #brunch

Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Turkey Burgers by The Spiffy Cookie – While these burgers aren’t as on-theme, they were originally posted on May 4, 2020 with cinnamon rolls as buns inspired by Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle.

Blue Milk copycat from Disney.

Blue Milk by Magical Adventure Guide – This blue milk is a copycat recipe for the one seen at Disney, inspired by the unusually colored beverage Luke drinks on Tatooine. This version is a rich tropical adventure. If needed, there is also a recipe for dairy-free blue milk.

Blue Milk Smoothie 3

Blue Milk Smoothie by The Spiffy Cookie – Enjoy blue milk for breakfast with this Greek yogurt,, banana, and honey based smoothie. Add a little whipped cream and pop rocks on top for an extra boost.

Chewbacca Rice Krispie Treats.

Chewbacca Rice Krispie Treats by Three Olives Branch – What’s better than chocolate rice crispy treats? Ones decorated to look like Chewbacca! Proof that gingerbread men cookie cutters aren’t just for the winter holidays.

Darth Vader Cupcakes.

Darth Vader Cupcakes by Dancing Through the Rain – Comes to the dark side, we have cupcakes. With an edible topper and silver dusted frosting.

Ham, Egg & Cheese Pancake Sandwiches 4

Ham, Egg & Cheese Pancake Sandwiches by The Spiffy Cookie – Don’t just buy Star Wars pancakes from the grocery store, turn them into a breakfast pancake sandwich.

Double Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies decorated to resemble Jawa Cookies.

Jawa Cookies (Double Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies) by The Spiffy Cookie – Chocolate thumbprint cookies are simply that until you add two yellow sprinkles to make them look like jawas!

R1D2 Cookies.

R2D2 Cookies by Cutefetti – These R2D2 cookies are easy for anyone to make! Using homemade or store bought cookies topped with white, blue and black icing.

Red Velvet Chocolate Mousse Millennium Falcon.

Red Velvet Chocolate Mousse Millennium Falcon by Cupcake Savvy Kitchen – If you have a Millennium Falcon mold, now is the time to use it to make this red velvet mousse. Who knew a space ship could be so delicious?

Star Wars Decorated Oreos.

Star Wars Decorated Oreos by Creative Cynchronicity – Turn those beloved sandwich cookies into Chewbacca and Princess Leia heads with simple ingredients.

Star Wars Hot Chocolate.

Star Wars Hot Chocolate by Thrifty Jinxy – Take a trip to the dark side by using dark chocolate in this hot chocolate. Maybe add some blue food coloring to the whipped cream on top, too.

Star Wars Imperial Popcorn.

Star Wars Imperial Popcorn by Homemade Heather – Add pretzels, blue M&Ms, silver coated candy balls, peanuts, and black licorice goodies to popcorn and coat them in a marshmallow mixture similar to rice crispy treats for your next Star Wars movie night.

Star Wars Landscape Cookies.

Star Wars Landscape Cookies by The Decorated Cookie – These cookies are so easy to make and yet so creative! Decorated to look like Dagobah, Hoth, Tatooine, and of course space.

Star Wars Cookies #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Chocolate Strawberry Sandwich Cookies by The Spiffy Cookie – Just like the rebel alliance, sometimes you have to adapt. In this case it was using an unexpectedly small cookie cutter to make something just as delicious as originally planned.

Star Wars Snack Mix.

Star Wars Snack Mix by The Decorated Cookie – This is the cutest snack mix I have ever seen, complete with little pretzel light sabers, yoda heads, chewie heads, and storm trooper marshmallows.

Star Wars Character Cookies.

Star Wars Sugar Cookies by The Monday Box – With just sugar cookie dough, chocolate sugar cookie dough, and some food coloring you can make all these adorable character sugar cookies.

Tatooine Sunset Drink from Disney.

Tatooine Sunset Drink by Magical Adventure Guide – This copycat recipe from Disney is basically a fruity Arnold Palmer. Enjoy as is or spike it with your favorite alcohol.

Wookiee Pies (White Chocolate Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches) by The Spiffy Cookie – Made with Cinnamon Toast cereal and filled with cream cheese frosting, these wookiee pies feel like a wookiee hug for your stomach.

Wookiee Cookies.

Wookiee Cookies Gingerbread by Homemade Heather – Just like the rice crispy treats earlier, these wookiee cookies are made by using a gingerbread man cookie cutter and gingerbread cookie dough.


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Dad May 5, 2024 - 9:14 am

These are a lot of Star Wars recipes!

Erin May 6, 2024 - 9:27 am

I am sure there are far more out there as well!


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