The Gift of Quarantine

by Erin

Social distancing doesn’t have to be a drag. Give the gift of quarantine to your loved ones or buy something for yourself.

Quarantine Gift Ideas
The end of quarantine seems to be drawing near (for some states the end has already arrived despite advice from public health or medical officials but I digress). However, things will not be opening in a flash, still requiring the practice of social distancing.

I plan to continue social distancing as much as possible and hope the options for grocery pickup and food delivery continues. And if you are with me in continuing on this trajectory, I have compiled a list of things to keep you and your loved ones sane while staying at home for even longer.

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Uncommon Goods Elements Tea Mug

Events and holidays have come and past which under normal circumstances would have involved visiting family, near and far. Being unable to visit family during a crisis is hard, longing for that comfort of home. To help with this, here’s a gift idea for the homesick: Elements Tea Steeping Mug, to help you calmly sip your tea (may I suggest some homemade vanilla chai tea) in the comfort of your home, which is scented by familiar aromas thanks to a Homesick Candle. Bob and I both grew up in Western NY so I chose the New York candle, but they have scents for all 50 states!

Homesick New York Candle

Be Still Earth Ceramic Tea Mug

I’m not a coffee drinker so when I am cold or feeling down (or simply sick) tea is my go to. I loved that the handmade and hand-painted nature-themed ceramic mugs had different designs based on the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. I chose earth because it have a very appropriate message of “be still” on the inside of the lid, which keeps in the heat while your tea seeps and then doubles as a tea bag dish. But if you are looking for a different kind of mug or cup, Uncommon Goods have plenty to chose from.

Elements Tea Steeping Mug



Uncommon Good Baseball Game

From golf to basketball, many a sports fan is feeling lost without being able to participate in or watch their favorites. No hang outs at sports bars, no bar food, not even any Draft watch parties (aka my husband is losing hims mind). Instead, bring the games inside! Play this Baseball Board Game, while snacking on homemade spicy ranch seasoned hard pretzels  and enjoying a Simple Times Mixers beverage (10% off with code SPIFFY10). Hold the alcohol for kid-friendly!

Baseball Game and Pretzels

Baseball Game and Simple Times Mixers

I’m not normally much of a baseball fan due to the undetermined length of a game but thankfully this game is much quicker paced by moving around the bases, or getting out, by rolling the dice. This well made wooden board game is handcrafted in St. Louis. Looking for other ideas? There are tons of games and puzzles available at Uncommon Goods website. I was eyeing the geode puzzle but it was sold out when I placed by order.

Baseball Wood and Peg Board Game



Fossil Garlic Grater and Dipping Bowl

The travel industry took a big hit during this crisis. At least three of my own travel plans have been cancelled thus far. Since traveling beyond our homes is not an option, why not bring those world flavors home? With all the bread baking myself and many others have been doing, enjoy a bread and olive oil tasting experience by grating fresh garlic in this Fossil Garlic Grater and Dipping Dish before drizzling with different flavors of Pomora Italian Olive Oil (25% off with code SPIFFY25) to then be soaked up by your homemade rustic sourdough bread. Add a couple wines to sample and your taste buds are ready to go on a journey!

Fossil Garlic Grater

Pomora Olive Oil with Fossil Garlic Grater

This French-style grater is handmade and finished with an earthy, stippled glaze. The spiral of ridges that resemble a fossilized fern or ancient seashell are used to grate the garlic (or other veggies and cheeses). The best part about this little grater? It’s handmade from my birthplace, Plano, TX! Uncommon Goods has tons of other cool kitchen utensils and gadgets that would be great gifts as well.

Bread and Pomora Olive Oil Tastin

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary product from Uncommon Goods for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


RONALD VASICEK April 27, 2020 - 8:41 am

Actually I have found this quarantine to be a peaceful time to relax a bit and have some quiet time. It has not been all that bad. But I admit I am getting a little antsy to start playing some pickleball.

Erin April 27, 2020 - 10:21 am

Since I am working during the week it hasn’t been all that bad for me either, but I too am missing my gym classes.


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