Orange-Vanilla Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip

by Erin

This orange-vanilla dip is made with Greek yogurt and cream cheese, perfect for dipping all your favorite fruits!

Orange-Vanilla Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip by The Spiffy Cookie #recipe #fruitdip #thespiffycookie

Remember the peanut butter Greek yogurt fruit dip? Well I made another dip for the fruit-dipping-lovers out there! The reason why I bring up the peanut butter one is because I made both of these dips at the same time as evident by the same fruit skewers in the background. I actually made these dips months ago when my cousin Alex got married. Which happened in early fall. Makes you wonder why I waited so long to post them. I could make up all kinds of excuses but in reality I just totally forgot about them. The pictures were on an old memory card and I was distracted by my fancy new camera with it’s brand new memory card. Thankfully old pictures don’t get stale or moldy…

…dang, I really know how to make you crave this dip.

Orange-Vanilla Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip by The Spiffy Cookie #yogurtdip #recipe #thespiffycookie

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Makes approximately 2 cups


12 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt (or plain plus 1 tsp vanilla extract)

4 oz. whipped cream cheese

Zest and juice of an orange


  1. Combine all ingredients, mixing until smooth.
  2. Serve cold with fruit.

Source: Adapted from Jen’s Favorite Cookies.

Orange-Vanilla Yogurt Dip

Post updated 9/9/19, the picture above is the original.


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Christina @ Sweet Pea's Kitchen February 20, 2014 - 4:52 pm

Don’t you love it when you find pictures you totally forgot about? This dip sounds incredible! :)

Jen @ Jen's Favorite Cookies February 20, 2014 - 3:53 pm

Ooh, this orange version sounds fantastic! I’ll have to try it!

steph@stephsbitebybite February 20, 2014 - 8:54 am

Thank goodness that you were browsing through that old memory card! This makes me want to eat a whole container of strawberries


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