Poppin’ Pepsi Perfect Cocktail

This isn’t your ordinary whiskey and cola. With the addition of grenadine and a Pop Rocks rim you’ll soon understand how it got it’s name.

Poppin' Pepsi Perfect Cocktail 2

Remember when I hosted a Back to the Future movie marathon complete with a different spread of food for each movie? Well here’s a straggler that I almost forgot about (and there are still two more). Originally I called this the “Pepsi Perfect” cocktail due to it’s appearance in Back to the Future Part II but I decided I didn’t like that name, especially since it’s more than just a glass of cola. It has not only whiskey and grenadine (which apparently is called a Bloody Jack when made with Jack Daniels) but also a rim of Pop Rocks making it electrifying! With that in mind my friend Haley suggested “Poppin’ Pepsi” and here we are. So next time you pour yourself a whiskey and coke feel free to add a little zing with a Pop Rocks rim.

Back to the Future Dehydrated Pizza

The other items on the menu for this movie included dehydrated/rehydrated half pepperoni and half green pepper pizzas. And, actually I lied before, the Doc Brownies (which I still need to post) were saved for movie #2 because the “Great Butterscotch” boozy milkshake for movie #1 doubled up as the cocktail and dessert. Hard to keep all these things straight sometimes! So to recap:

Poppin' Pepsi Perfect Cocktail 1

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Serves 1


Pop Rocks, for the rim

1.5 oz. whiskey

6 oz. cola (such as Pepsi)

1 oz. grenadine


  1. Place water (or lime/lemon juice) in one shallow bowl and the Pop Rocks in another. Dip the rim of your glass into the water, shake off excess, and then dip into the Pop Rocks and grind back and forth gently to help the candy stick. 
  2. Place a few ice cubes in the glass and pour whiskey over the ice. Add cola until the glass is nearly full, then add cherry grenadine. Mix together with a straw, and serve.

Source: The Spiffy Cookie original

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