Rehearsal Dinner at Bleu & Fig

by Erin

Some of the best food I’ve had in Columbus, OH has been at Bleu & Fig so we were ecstatic to host our rehearsal dinner there!

Bleu & Fig Appetizer

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Time to recap the day before our wedding, Thursday, August 9th. After I spent the morning arranging all the flowers with a few of my bridesmaids (still saving those photos for day of) and getting our nails done, it was time to practice walking followed by dinner at one of the most delicious places in town – Bleu & Fig. But before I show you all the drool worthy details of dinner. I figured I’d share a couple photos from the rehearsal.
Dock 580-The Venue 3

Dock 580-The Venue 4

One of the reasons we chose our venue (Dock 580-The Venue) was it’s courtyard next to the indoor space, but since this is Ohio we made sure we enjoyed the indoor option in case of inclement weather because we didn’t want to rent a tent “just in case”. Not only are they expensive to rent, neither of us would have liked how the outdoor space looked with a tent and it would have been there rain or shine. Spoiler alert: it rained on our wedding day so we ended up having the ceremony inside which I was super bummed about but alas it was out of our control and not worth getting upset over.

Dock 580-The Venue 1

Dock 580-Juniper

Since we are efficient, after the rehearsal we went upstairs to Juniper, a rooftop bar and restaurant for a few pre-dinner cocktails. The view didn’t hurt either. And in case you were wondering, yes Bob is in fact wearing an R2D2 suit. And yes I knew about it because am wearing a dress with a galaxy print on it to stay on theme. Originally I wanted to wear a gold dress for a nod to C3PO but I couldn’t find any that didn’t look totally obnoxious. Because R2D2 clearly is not obnoxious, except maybe obnoxiously amazing. But I digress, it’s time for dinner!

Bleu & Fig 2

Bleu & Fig 3

Bleu & Fig isn’t a restaurant open at all times to come in and dine. Instead they are a boutique event space and full service catering company. It is located just North of where we live in Clintonville and as such we make sure to snatch up tickets to any of their events whenever possible. In fact we have tickets to their brunch this coming Sunday and again in November. I’d say you should go buy tickets but they are both already sold out! There’s a reason, because it’s some of the best food we’ve had in town.

Bleu & Fig Honey Yeast Bread

Bleu & Fig Lemon Basil Chicken

Bleu & Fig Roasted Asparagus

Bleu & Fig Vegetable Orzo

After we snacked on fresh veggies, chips, and dip, we got to dive into our customized buffet style spread complete with honey yeast bread (which sounds oh so simple but it’s oh so amazing), lemon basil chicken with tomato basil bruschetta, roasted asparagus with marcona almonds, summer vegetable orzo with Parmesan vinaigrette, and for dessert chocolate truffle buttercream brownies! As usual everything was beautifully plated and as delicious to eat as it was pretty to look at.

Bleu & Fig 5

Bleu & Fig Truffle Brownie

Obviously we love the food and service at Bleu & Fig but another awesome perk is that it is a BYOB event space which if you have ever planned a wedding or any big event with alcohol before you know that this definitely helps cut down on costs (heck we did it for our wedding day too). We kept it simple with a couple kinds of beer and wine but you are welcome to bring whatever your prefer.

Bleu & Fig 4

We cannot thank Bob’s parents enough for trusting our judgement to book Bleu & Fig for our rehearsal dinner (as they live in another state), all of our family and friends who attended, and of course everyone at Bleu & Fig for continuing to serve up their best. Whenever anyone is searching for places to host an event I always chime in with Bleu & Fig. Heck you can even get married there! Our wedding guest list was a bit too large for their space but I know people who have done it and loved it!

Bleu & Fig 1

P.S. We also ordered some of their lemon crinkle cookies to be served on our wedding dessert bar the next day. We almost got a couple towers of their candied bacon but thought we would have too much. Jokes was on us though because as I will share tomorrow our dessert table didn’t stand a chance!

P.P.S. You cannot turn me off. Exhibit A: this photo above that Haley caught of me taking all these pictures haha!

P.P.S. In case you were wondering, Bob got his suit from JCPenny, my dress was from Rent the Runway, shoes are Katy Perry (Macy’s) and jewelry from Rocksbox.

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Susan October 24, 2018 - 11:56 am

I’m really glad you explained about Bob’s suit – I wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise. Is it a wear once item, or is it something he can use regularly? Actually, he looks really good in it.

spiffycookie October 24, 2018 - 12:35 pm

Probably only once, but he did get it tailored so it would make sense to find a Star Wars event to wear it to again. It’s not made of the best quality though (which explains why the alterations cost more than the suit itself) so we shall see how long it lasts.

Malini October 24, 2018 - 11:24 am

This is so awesome. I love Bleu & Fig! The only thing more beautiful than the food and presentation is the bride! Love that picture of you in those killer heels on your feet and a killer camera in your hand!

spiffycookie October 24, 2018 - 12:34 pm

Hehe thanks so much Malini!! Hope to see you at their upcoming brunches.


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