Honeymoon in New Orleans

by Erin

When you’re really into food so you plan your New Orleans honeymoon around where and what you are going to eat!

Bourbon Street

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Neither Bob nor I have a whole lot of vacation days from work, and after many other events earlier in the year had a limited amount of time off remaining for ourselves when it came to our honeymoon. At first we didn’t think we would be able to take more than a 3 or 4 day weekend away. So we made the most of it and planned our honeymoon a few weeks later over Labor day weekend to get that extra day off. But first where would we go? We had a lot of ideas but ended up going with the one with the cheapest flights – New Orleans!

Prior to going, we got a long list of suggestions from many friends and coworkers who had been recently (I hadn’t been since I was about 12 so obviously not much help to my 33 year old self). While I was trying my best not to go Type A and plan things to do for once, I did still give in to at least sorting all the suggestions into part of town, so when we would find ourselves in that area we could consult the list for things to do and more importantly eat.

Lower Garden District

We stayed in the lower garden district in a cute AirBNB that was a short walk to the train cars and on the same corner as a bus stop which made getting around town very convenient. We did walk around our own neighborhood a couple times but for the most part found ourselves in the areas surrounding the French Quarter. Regrettably we did not pack the right attire to dine at Commander’s Palace which was recommended by more than one person and just so happened to be withing walking distance of our place.

St. Louis Cemetery No 2

Preservation Hall

Old New Orleans Rum

We went everywhere including a tour of the St. Louis Cemetery Number 2 where the VooDoo Queen Marie Laveau is buried (and eventually Nicolas Cage), saw live jazz at several places including Preservation Hall, went on a ghost hunting cemetery tour, and visited the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery. We ate everything including benedict flights at Ruby Slipper Cafe, beignets at Cafe Du Monde (more than once), and table-side bananas foster at Brennan’s. And our course we drank hurricanes, monsoons, and Lafitte’s VooDoo Daiquiri (aka purple drank).

The Ruby Slipper Cafe

Cafe Du Monde

Cochon Butcher

Our favorite food spot was Cochon Butcher as we ended up going there twice. Our favorite live music was at the Spotted Cat, and really enjoyed the night market that pops up in an alley next to it at which I got glitter spread on my face in the spirit of Southern Decadence. Bob made fun of me but he’s not one to talk while wearing a Batman Hawaiian shirt (granted we both own Reptar shirts that we may have worn the day after our wedding when we went to see The Smashing Pumpkins).

Speaking of Southern Decadence, we had no idea this event was going down this weekend until we got there. And the best part? Two of my friends from Memphis happened to be in town for it! So we met up to watch the parade and partake in the festivities. Bob got hit on more than he ever has in his entire life and it was hilarious watching him play along.

Southern Decadence Parade

Southern Decadence

Thankfully other than the random spurts of rain there were no actual storms that hit except right after we left. Talk about lucky timing! There were a lot of people that we met that had planned on staying longer but caught early flights home to get out before the storm hit. Meanwhile the locals were staying put and hitting up the liquor stores because it was just a storm not a hurricane.

Jackson Square

As much fun as we had, by the end our feet were super tired of walking everywhere. The one time I didn’t bring out the type A and plan things would’ve definitely benefit us if I had because we wished we had planned some excursions on a boat in the swamp or something that didn’t involve being on our feet. Regardless, 5 days in New Orleans was definitely long enough and we were glad to be home, even if it meant going back to work. It also helped subdue the end of vacation blues that we had scooped up cheap flights to Italy in May 2019 before we went to New Orleans. My travel bug has rubbed off on Bob already and I’m loving it!

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Kayle (The Cooking Actress) October 29, 2018 - 10:05 pm

I super duper want to go to NOLA because yuuuuuuum!

Susan October 28, 2018 - 2:20 pm

I’m glad to hear that Bob has caught your travel bug, because a) travel is a wonderful experience and b) there is nothing better than sharing that adventure with a kindred soul. That sharing adds to how much your heart and mind expand as a result of travel. I’m also glad you have been bitten by the travel bug at a young age. It didn’t find me until my old age, so I don’t have as much time left to enjoy it as you do.

spiffycookie October 28, 2018 - 2:30 pm

I have to thank my dad for that, as we went all kinds of cool places growing up. Of course I now want to revisit many as I didnt fully appreciate some at the time.


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