February 2015 Bakin’ Friends

by Erin

Love getting packages in the mail? Join Bakin’ Friends, a group that is similar to having a pen pal but with baked treats!


After over a year I have finally jumped back in with Bakin’ Friends, which is a group where you are paired up with someone different each month for whom to bake! Each month also comes with its very own secret ingredient which must be used in your creation. It should come as no surprise that February’s secret ingredient was chocolate. I actually got to send my goodies to Leah (MacKenzie Memories) who took over after Stephanie (Steph’s Bite by Bite) stepped down. I sent her my double dark chocolate cherry cookies which she said she’s been able to hoard them all to herself since her husband and daughter are not huge chocolate fans. And I quote “I had one before dinner…they were fabulous!!”. You should probably go get the recipe HERE.

February 2015 Bakin' Friends

As for me, I was lucky enough to have Dora send me some of her homemade Snickers! Her uncle (who unfortunately passed away recently) was a chocolate maker for over 40 years where she lives. When his health took a turn for the worse she began trying her hand at some of the things he used to make and found a renewed respect for all the effort it takes. She warned me that I may want to go to the gym in preparation for their arrival and she was right! Definitely a good thing I am a regular gym goer. Thank you so much Dora for a literal slice of your family’s history. I hope you made another batch for your husband ;-).

Want to try your hand at homemade Snickers? Dora said she uses a recipe from The Tough Cookie combined with a recipe from Brown Eyed Baker for the caramel.

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