Bake Sale: The House of Mews

BAKE SALE IS OVER – However if you still wish to make a donation, here’s how:

  • Click on the Paypal link located on The House of Mews Donation Page

When it comes to choosing a pet, I am a big supporter of adoption from nonprofit animal shelters and pet rescue organizations. There are so many loving cats and dogs that need a home! I adopted Brady from a local animal shelter almost 4 years ago (before I knew of The House of Mews) and he is the biggest love muffin ever.

However, nonprofit organizations such as The House of Mews do require some help. Last fall I ran the The House Mews 8th Annual Meowathon and currently am helping to promote their Annual Food Drive with this bake sale! Did you know that just $20 buys an entire month of lunches for four homeless kitties housed in their sanctuary? To make the deal even sweeter, you can also get a baked good for yourself through this bake sale. Even if you are not a cat person I am sure you cannot deny a sweet looking treat. There is even a batch of dog treats up for grabs as well if you have furry friends to please.

Stream videos at UstreamAlso check out the kitten cam shown above, broadcasting live over on HelloGiggles. You can even adopt them! Their goal is to raise awareness and help with resources and adoptions through organizations like The House of Mews.

The bake sale will be begin on Wednesday, April 11th starting at 6:00 am CDT and will end Thursday, April 12th at 11:00 pm CDT. There is a minimum bid of $15 on each item to start, and all proceeding bids must be at least $1 higher. All bids must be emailed to with the item you are bidding on in the subject line. Do not leave a bid as a comment because it will not be counted! I will update the bids in a list at the bottom of this post throughout the day.

Upon the closure of bidding time, I will notify the winning bidders in order to confirm instructions for payment, and also to retrieve their mailing address for their winnings. Winners will also be announced in a new post on Friday, April 13th. Winning goods will be sent within a week of the bake sale’s end (by Saturday, April 21st) so long as shipping address is received promptly.

So to break it all down:

  • There is a minimum bid of $15 on each item to start, and at least $1 higher is necessary to overbid.
  • All bids must be emailed to with the item you are bidding on in the subject.
  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Winning bidders will be contacted by me via e-mail, requesting their mailing address and providing instructions for payment.
  • Winning bidders can expect to have their product shipped within seven (7) days of the bake sale’s end.

You will find all of the treats listed below –  all donated by many of your favorite food bloggers! Please note that the name of each item is above it’s corresponding picture. A summary of all the bids is listed at the very bottom of this post.

Are you ready to duke it out for your favorite treat? May the odds be EVER in your favor! (Oh yes, I said it. I blame Kita.)



Current Bids (Updated Wednesday, April 12th @ 11:00 pm CDT)

My Nutella Chunk Cookies – $100 (Mary F.)

Molly’s Chocolate & Pecan Biscoff Blondies – $60 (Debbie O.)

Tara’s Sweet Cinnamon Snickerdoodles – $35 (Johnna)

Miriam’s Neiman Marcus Cookies – $30 (Maureen A.)

Dorothy’s Oatmeal Scotchies – $30 (Debbie O.)

Carla’s Nutty Oatmeal Ginger Sandwich Cookies – $40 (Tara R.)

Kita’s Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies – $35 (Kelly S.)

Steph’s Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cup Cookies – $60 (Lisa P.)

Erin’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Homemade Vanilla Extract & Vanilla Beans – $35 (Jacob M.)

Jennifer’s Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips – $30 (Sarah W.)

Jen’s Browned Butter Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies – $30 (Jonna B.)

Alex’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies – $35 (Debbie O.)

Erin’s Malted Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – $50 (Jen M.)

Becca’s Dog Biscuits – $75 (Midtown Mutt)

Jennifer’s Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies – $40 (Tara R.)

Elle’s Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Cookies – $50 (Vicki W.)

Liz’s Funfetti Cake Cookies – $35 (Tara R.)

Jeannette’s Thick, Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – $40 (Jonna B.)

Audra’s Brown Sugar Shortbread – $30 (Debbie O.)

Caitlin’s S’more Bites – $50 (Maureen A.)

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