Roundup of Cheetos Recipes

by Erin

This cheesy roundup of Cheetos recipes will have you thinking of Cheetos beyond a simple snack that turns your fingers orange. Which will you try first?

Roundup of Cheetos Recipes.

In honor of the 75th birthday of Cheetos, I rounded up a cheesy list of recipes with Cheetos on the ingredient list!

If you thought this list was all-inclusive, think again. I still have more in the works! But for now enjoy all of the Cheetos recipes I have shared thus far along with some others from my bloggers friends who are also brave enough to play with Cheetos in the kitchen!

Are Cheetos gluten free?

Yes – so if the recipe has no other gluten-laden ingredients then the whole recipe is gluten-free safe!

BBQ Cheetos Meatloaf with Broccoli.

BBQ CHEETOS MEATLOAF – Why use breadcrumbs when you can used crushed Cheetos? Slathered in BBQ sauce, this BBQ Cheetos meatloaf is pure comfort.

Caramelized Cheetos in a bowl.

CARAMELIZED CHEETOS – These sound crazy but they actually taste like Cracker Jack. Who knew crunchy Cheetos could be even crunchier.

Cheese Doodle Sushi.

CHEESE DOODLE SUSHI – If you’ve ever made sushi at home with a crispy puffed rice exterior you may as well go ahead and roll it in crushed up Cheetos, amiright?

Cheese Doodle Crusted Cheddar Stuffed Arancini.

CHEETOS CHEDDAR ARANCINI – Italian’s may scoff at this abomination but I think arancini stuffed with cheddar cheese and coated in Cheetos dust tastes so very right. Of all my Cheetos recipes, this one might be my favorite.

Cheetos Cheddar Beer Bread - Sweet ReciPEAs.

CHEETOS CHEDDAR BEER BREAD – Make your cheddar beer bread even cheesier by adding a Cheetos crust.

Assembled Cheetos Cheeseburgers.

CHEETOS CHEESEBURGERS – Do you sometimes add a little bit of bread crumbs to your burgers? Well I used crushed up Cheetos to make these cheeseburgers extra cheesy.

Cheetos Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies.

CHEETOS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES – The flavor that Cheetos adds to these chocolate chip cookies is subtle enough to win over the non-believers while still adding something that sets them apart from a traditional cookie.

Cheetos Sugar Cookies.

CHEETOS COOKIES – Normally cheddar cheese in a sugar cookie would not appeal to me, but after trying one at a bakery I had to recreate them at home.

Cheetos Deviled Eggs.

CHEETOS DEVILED EGGS – This might be the best version of Deviled Eggs ever. Who knew they could be improved with cheese?

Cheetos Mac and Cheese.

CHEETOS MACARONI & CHEESE – The creamiest, cheddar mac and cheese topped with Cheetos instead of breadcrumbs. And another of my favorite Cheetos recipes.

Cheetos Marshmallow Crispy Treats.

CHEETOS MARSHMALLOW CRISPY TREATS – Those puffed rice crispy treats we all know and love? Well I used Cheetos instead of the puffed rice cereal and the result was surpriisngly delicious.

Baked Cheetos Pie.

CHEETOS PIE – Are you familiar with Doritos Pie? This is the exact same thing but made with Cheetos!

Cheetos Street Corn.

CHEETOS STREET CORN – Your favorite Mexican street food but coated in extra cheesy Cheetos!

Cheetos Three Cheese Cheeseball.

CHEETOS THREE CHEESE CHEESEBALL – Cheese on cheese inception with this cheesy cheseball. But then dip more Cheetos or cheesy chips!

Homemade Walking Tacos with Cheetos.

CHEETOS WALKING TACOS – Here is yet another classic dish normally made with other chips but made far superior with Cheetos!

Chocolate Covered Cheetos from above.

CHOCOLATE COVERED CHEETOS – I am not really sure these need a recipe as the title alone pretty much tells you what to do, but if you are into the salty and sweet combo then these are for you.

Chopped BBQ Ranch Salad topped with Cheetos #cheetos #choppedsalad

CHOPPED BBQ RANCH SALAD WITH CHEETOS – Take a BBQ Ranch salad, and top with Cheetos like croutons. It’s so easy and genius,

Spicy Cheetos Crusted Chicken 2

SPICY CHEETOS CRUSTED CHICKEN – This is such a no-brainer. Instead of breadcrumbs, coat your chicken breasts in crushed Cheetos. Add you favorites sides or serve over a salad.

Did you make this recipe? I want to see! Tag @THESPIFFYCOOKIE on Instagram and hashtag it #THESPIFFYCOOKIE

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