DoorDash Review

by Erin

The latest food delivery service has made it’s way to Columbus and it goes by the name of DoorDash. It successfully filled my belly with very minimal effort.

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Yesterday I was supposed to post a dark chocolate cupcake recipe with cookie butter frosting, but I failed. Not that I didn’t already make them and photograph them, but after traveling to Rochester, NY and back, and dancing my face off this past weekend at my friend’s wedding, I just wanted to sleep. Which means on Monday I also had no motivation to cook and I decided to take advantage of a new service in town called DoorDash.


You can access DoorDash from your computer or download their app onto your phone. Either way it’s incredibly straightforward to use. After entering your location you can either search by specific cuisine or just peruse all the participating restaurants in your area. You can then peruse their menu, add or remove items from your order, and chose a delivery date and time or ask for it to be delivered as soon as possible.


I had a craving for Greek food and as luck would have it Happy Greek was on the list! After sending the menu to my boyfriend to pick out his order we ended up with chicken zangoria with vegetable medley and lemon potatoes (but leave out the mushrooms please), gyro platter with rice pilaf, a side Greek salad, and fries, hummus (with extra pita!), and pistachio baklava.


Which by the way I did all of this at 10:30 am. Oh yea, I got to look forward to this meal almost all day. But I digress, since we go to spin class on Mondays, I requested our order to be delivered 30 minutes after to give us time to drive home. On said right home, I got a text saying that my driver, Sean, had picked up my order and was on his way!

DoorDash Review 2

I was a bit worried because he was scheduled to arrive a bit early but he was really nice when he called to say he had arrived and I told him to hold on for 2-3 minutes as I was almost home. In fact the neighborhood cats had congregated in our driveway and kept him entertained for the few minutes until we arrived.

DoorDash Review 3

But the moment we arrived he handed over the goods and we immediately went inside to devour the goodies. Although I have to admit I could only eat half of my order and am now looking forward to the leftovers today for lunch! Overall, we had a very pleasant experience and it couldn’t have been easier. We may have found our new go-to for ordering in!

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Want to try #DoorDashColumbus for yourself? Use my promo code SPIFFYCOOKIE and receive $5 off your first order of $20 or more! You have to tell me what you order! Just head on over to or download the app onto your phone to get started.

P.S. Check out that gigantic pistachio baklava! It was glorious, in case you were wondering ;-).

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Want to know more about the company itself?

  • DoorDash takes great pride in empowering local economies – both restaurants and Dashers – our drivers!
  • DoorDash has over 10,000 partner restaurants in the US that are driving significant extra business.
  • DoorDash has a dramatic, positive effect on local economies by connecting consumers with merchants via our amazing Dashers. All three sides benefit significantly.
  • DoorDash likes to highlight the impact the flexible work schedules of our great Dasher team.
  • DoorDash is excited to bring our world class, on-demand logistics company to Columbus.
  • Food delivery is just the first of many verticals that we are using to fine tune our logistics technology. This is a really complicated problem that our team of Stanford computer science PhDs foam at the mouth to deal with. Nothing rolls off the tongue quite like “machine learning algorithm” :)
  • 2016 is the year we expand internationally, and big things are in store!

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Disclosure: I was compensated by Business in Blue Jeans for my honest review of DoorDash. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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