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  • Cheryl Tillman:

    I have been looking for a great banana cake recipe and also a banana muffin recipe. Texas de Brazil has the most wonderful banana cake and I have not been able to find a recipe that compares to it. I once had a banana muffin in Vegas that was sweet and more like a cupcake than a bread. I thought you would be the perfect person to ask!
    Emma’s mom, Cher

  • Erin, YOU WON!!!
    I am so happy you were the one to win my giveaway. 🙂

  • Hi Erin,

    Yon won the Peanut Butter Giveaway! Congrats!!! Shoot me an e-mail with your address and I’ll mail your package tomorrow!!

  • Nancy Green:

    Awesome website! I’ve bookmarked it already.

  • Would love to know what is bicoff on the peanut butter brownie recipe never heard of it and where can I get it thank you

    • spiffycookie:

      Biscoff and Speculoos cookie spread are the same. Speculoos can be found at Trader Joe’s and Biscoff can be found at your grocery store. I find it at Whole Foods.

  • Oop biscoff need asap thank you

  • Kathy in Tampa:

    I just read a comment about how bad a gardener you are.
    Avocado do fine in heat. It’s cold that kills it. Tennessee is too far north for anything more than one as a houseplant. It’s a tree that can get 90 feet tall. I have many friends here in Tampa with back yard avocado trees. You almost have to have tree trimming services to harvest them.

    • spiffycookie:

      Well, it was definitely not cold when this plant died. It was doing perfectly fine inside my house, but when I put it outside in 100 degree weather for 3 hours it wilted and died shortly after :-(.

  • Becky:

    I love all these yummy recipes ! My yogurt today was great but now I know how to cook with it … Whooo hoooooo !!

  • Molly:

    I can’t tell you the excitement I felt to find your recipe for the pumpkin cream cheese. Up until yesterday I made my every other day trip to the famous bagel shop for my fix. This morning I decided to make it myself and was blessed to find you had a recipe on line. So now my challenge is how do you make the walnut sugar they put in this months featured Bakers Special. If I can make the walnut mixture I can just add it to the top of my spread instead of baked onto the bagel since, I don’t bake bagel 🙁

    • spiffycookie:

      I am unsure what the walnut sugar special is as I am not familiar with any bagel shop carrying such a thing. I’d just try adding walnuts to the spread.

  • Amanda:

    I just found your website, all of these recipes look fantastic! I made the spinach pizza dough, and it was great! Definitely bookmarking this. Thanks!

  • Teresa:

    I had some tasty pretzels called taco and a ranch one. Great for men and their football afternoons. Couldn’t find the recipe. Can you help me?

  • Ann:

    do you have a blueberry pie recipe??

  • Linde:

    Just thought you might like to know, the popup icons on the left hand side of your blog (the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc) are blocking some of your content. This is on my Ipad. It happens a lot with other sites too.

    • spiffycookie:

      Thanks for the heads up! That is weird that it blocks content on your iPad. It moves it from the side to the very bottom when you are on a mobile device due to the smaller screen but it must not register the iPad as needing this same feature. I will try to see if it can be fixed.

    • spiffycookie:

      I played with it a bit and the icons should show up on the bottom on your iPad screen now, out of the way hopefully. Please let me know if it works!

      • Linde:

        Nope. It’s stays in one place on the left, right in the middle of my screen. Doesn’t move up or down. One thing did change. It disappeared when I opened this comment box. Then when I click on “Notify me of follow-u….” it pops right backon the screen.

        • spiffycookie:

          Weird. I set the settings for mobile mode to a higher browser width hoping it would catch the iPad but I guess not. I think it’s in the weird gray area where it’s not quite the size of a computer screen but not small enough to be considered “mobile”. I’ll try pushing the setting higher but I don’t want it to then register computers as mobile devices. Report back if you have a moment, to see if it works with the higher cut off.

  • Cindy Marchand:

    I need a good oatmeal cookie recipe! My parents are in their 80’s and can’t have the peanut butter. Do you have an oatmeal cookie that is big and chewy like the rest of your cookies? It can’t have raisins in it either. One parent has cancer. so oatmeal and cinnamon would be great, if you have a recipe that is big and chewy like the rest of your cookies. Please let me know. Thank you very much Cindy

  • Sandra Hunter:

    Love your website. Look forward to getting more recipes from you.

  • Jean Gill:

    Interested in a variation of a Belizean Lemon Cheesecake? In Belize they tend to use lime vs lemons. There is a young lady who does youtube videos that are searchable using “The Bare Pantry Cafe” You probably could improve this recipe but everyone here like it the way I finally decided on.

    1 pt heavy whipping cream
    2 bars cream cheese
    2 cans eagle brand condensed milk
    8 egg yolks (put whites aside for meringue + 4 T sugar)
    1 C fresh squeezed lemon juice (using microplane on lemons before you juice)
    Zest of 2 large lemons

    Mix the first 6 ingredients together one by one.
    When thoroughly mixed pour into your preferred crust. I make my own graham cracker crust.
    Using parchment paper I line my 10 in springform pan. Take a couple T of crisco and lightly brush the parchment then make your crust. Bottom and sides if you want. Bake for 10 min at 350.
    Next pour your cheesecake mix into pan and bake at 275 for 30-45 min time adjusted for your oven. I also place a pan 1/2 full of water underneath. If you like it real tart you could add more juice.

    This will also make 4 store bought graham cracker crust pies. you can put meringue
    On the cheesecake or find another recipe for use of the egg whites.

    If you try this let me know what you think?


  • Jean:

    You’ve shared many so I thought I’d return the flavor. Btw ever made a buttermilk pecan pie? I have that recipe too
    I never liked the syrupy style pecan pie I found here in the south. Then I met an ole Navy cook when I went to work at NASA . Great guy glad he shared it with me.

  • Myk:

    Heyyy 🙂

    Hello there spiffy cookie. I am certainly glad you gave that a try.I learned something this past year, and forgive me if I sound like a baffoon, but mir poux is an essential base in many sauces. Apparently the carrots, celery and onions balance each other out but none the less it is used as a base. I was thinking about that and it kind of occured to me that the meat sauce seems to substitute more onion and carrot for no celery. Anyway I am glad to hear from you, I will have to look you up on instagram. I look forward to hearing from you again. Have an awesome summer 🙂

  • Donna:

    Notify me of new recipe posts by email,

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