Tidy up with #OXOSpringCleaning

by Erin

OXO is always looking out for us by providing tools to make cooking and cleaning up afterwards as easy as possible. Their latest tools might just make spring cleaning fun!

OXO Spring Cleaning

With how busy my weekdays are I tend to do most of my cooking and baking on the weekends, which means I create a HUGE mess. Cleaning up is never as fun as eating what was made but OXO certainly does their best to make it easier and their spring cleaning kit could not have arrived at a better time. With the weather warming up (or trying to) comes lots of holidays which means a rise in the amount of food to be prepared and the necessity to clean up the kitchen after it’s destruction before guests arrive. Since today marks one week before Easter, I imagine many of your are preparing for such a task.

OXO Water Bottle Cleaning Set 1

To help me clean up my inevitable messes, OXO equipped me with a large silicone sink mat, foldaway dish rack, sponge holder, heavy duty scrubber with tray, and water bottle cleaning set. The sink mat unfortunately was too large for my sink but will be holding onto it until wherever I move next because I love that it provides cushion to protect your sink, glasses and dishes from scratching and chipping. The foldaway dish rack however was a great addition to the in-sick dish rack I already have because I often need more dish rack space for the massive amount of dishes in need of cleaning. It’s a very versatile rack that can adapt to whatever size dishes you have to put in it and I love that I can put it on my counter next to the sink and the spout opens to drain directly into sink. Even better that it folds away for easy storage for when the dishes are all put away.

OXO Water Bottle Cleaning Set 2

While tackling the dishes, the sponge holder kept my sponge close at hand without having a large footprint while also allowing maximum air-flow to dry it out when finished. Then I went to work on my bottles with the water bottle cleaning set. The straw brush would be great for cleaning out reuseable straws but since I rarely use straws I found another purpose – cleaning bottles with narrow openings such as ones I use for storing homemade salad dressings. My actual gym water bottle also got a good cleaning with the help of the long brush and detail cleaner.

OXO Water Bottle Cleaning Set 3

Last but not least are the nastiest dishes which I tackled with the heavy duty scrubber. This little guy was so much easier to use than the free-standing pieces of scrubber pads I normally use and as you can see I desperately needed some assistance with this pan. Just be warned as it is not intended for non-stick, glass, or ceramic cookware/bakeware.

OXO Heavy Duty Scrubber

While the dishes were drying I decided to get some organizing done. The 4 pack of their magnetic all-purpose clips are always handy to have around, closing off cereal bags, frozen foods, chips, or even hanging coupons from the fridge. But the best thing to help me get organized was the expandable utensil organizer. While most people would use this for the flatware, I already had one so I went ahead and tackled the disaster that was my junk drawer. The utensil holders were removeable to allow space for larger items and the entire thing expanded to fit my drawer in order to maximize utility. Scroll down for the before and after photos!

OXO Junk Drawer Before

OXO also gave me a compost bin. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to have a compost pile outside but this too will be saved along with the sink mat for whenever I move next, hopefully into a house with a larger kitchen and functional backyard!

OXO Junk Drawer After

Disclosure: I was provided with a variety of kitchen cleaning tools from OXO. I was not compensated for writing this post and the opinions expressed are my own. Thank you, OXO!


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Emily @ Life on Food March 30, 2015 - 9:09 am

My OCD with cleaning got super happy with the before and after drawer organizer. I have a couple of those spaces that have gotten a wee bit out of control in the last few months. Spring clean needs to happen.


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