Review: The No-Cook, No-Bake Cookbook

by Erin

You know how I’ve been basking in the glory that is a not to hot or humid summer in the south for once? Yea well the end of July is here and that means August and it’s sure-fire disgustingness is right around the corner. The temperatures here haven’t gone over 100 much yet but the humidity is creeping up on us and I know it’s only a matter of time before cooking and baking becomes painful due to the inability of my central air to combat the outside and inside temperature assailants.

But here to the rescue is “The No-Cook, No-Bake Cookbook,” a full-color cookbook that will keep stress levels and kitchen temperatures low during summer’s hottest months, without necessitating the take out menu. This cookbook features 101 fun oven-free and healthy meals (including over 80 photos) for easy breakfasts, appetizers/sides, entrees and desserts. The recipe list includes thing such as Breakfast Prosciutto Pear Sandwiches, Salmon Mango Ceviche, Tex-Mex Chipotle Beans, Very Berry Parfait Pudding, and Raspberry Mint Frozen Yogurt.


The first recipe that caught my attention was the Cheesy Fruit Wraps with Berry Coulis. The wraps are first spread with an orange-cream cheese mixture and then topped with banana, apple and strawberry slices before being rolled up tight. When sliced in half, it displayed the pretty array of fruits inside. Then all I had to do was pick it up and dip to my heart’s content in a coulis made from blended berries and honey. Just like the recipe description says, it tasted somewhat like cheesecake but in roll form and a lot more fruit. These would also be great with any other fruit on hand.

Cheesy Fruit Wraps

Unfortunately for me, most of the entree options involved seafood which is not my favorite genre of food. But then I spotted these Mediterranean Chickpea Pitas with Creamy Tahini Dressing. This pita sandwich was surprisingly delicious and filling. I added some spinach to mine to prevent the pita from getting soggy from the sauce, but I ate them so fast I don’t think they would’ve even had the chance to get soggy.  The only problem I did have with this was containing the escapee chickpeas that kept jumping out. I think I may have become a minor spectacle when I brought them to lunch at the lab one day. Worth it though.

Mediterranean Chickpea Pitas

The recipe that intrigued me the most was the Vanilla Ice Cream Cupcakes. The ice cream is made from raw cashews that have been soaked and frozen bananas and surprisingly was quite creamy. The cookie base is similar to the raw cookie dough bites I have shared in the past and is made with dates, pecans, wheat germ, and agave. And finally the chocolate sauce is made with coconut milk, coconut oil, cocoa powder and agave. Who knew that ice cream, cookie cups and chocolate sauce could all be made from healthier ingredients? And they looked so cute too.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cupcakes

I was impressed by this cookbook taking a healthier edge to the no-cook, no-bake trend especially because  most recipes I have seen are not health-oriented and from my initial read of the title I didn’t expect it to be healthy either. I look forward to trying more recipes from this cookbook throughout the remainder of the summer heat.

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary copy by Bath Cooks PR. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Laura July 27, 2013 - 9:16 am

This looks like a perfect summer cookbook. It seems like there might be a few recipes for me and my boys to do together :)


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