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Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

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If you like buffalo wings and enchiladas, prepare yourself. I’ve combined the two into one easy meal that is perfect for any night of the week.

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas 5
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Breakfast Nachos with Greek Yogurt Hollandaise Sauce

Is it breakfast for dinner, or dinner for breakfast? Enjoy these breakfast nachos any time of day with a homemade Greek yogurt hollandaise sauce.

Breakfast Nachos with Greek Yogurt Hollandaise Sauce 1

I have a confession to make. You know that egg dish commonly cooked for breakfast that starts with an “O”? Well I have been misspelling it my entire life. I have been spelling it phonetically as “omlet” and I swear I must have seen it written as such before or else it would not have been solidified in my brain. How many times have I ordered that dish at a restaurant and not noticed the spelling? News flash! It’s spelled “omelette” which in my opinion has too many e’s. Although upon further digging is appears that it may also be spelled “omelet” which is more tolerable. Unfortunately I was not consulted when they were working out the English language.

Today I did not make an omelet/omelette/omlet or however you want to spell it. I made nachos because today is national nachos day, and why not start celebrating early with nachos for breakfast. It’s not an omelet but it is breakfast food that involves eggs, cheese, and bacon. Oh and a homemade hollandaise sauce made with Greek yogurt.

Breakfast Nachos with Greek Yogurt Hollandaise Sauce 2

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Baked Chicken Fajitas

Trade in taco night for fajita night with these easy baked chicken fajitas. Served with your favorite toppings and wrapped in warm flour tortillas.


For this month’s Secret Recipe Club I was assigned to Rebekah’s blog Making Miracles. After browsing her recipe list I found myself quickly adding recipes to my bookmarks for things such as Italian sliders, seared pork tortas, and of course oatmeal peanut butter cookies because you all know how much I cannot ignore a good peanut butter recipe. But ultimately I landed on a recipe for baked fajitas – Mexican Monday anyone!?

Baked Chicken Fajitas 1

Fajitas are one of my favorite Mexican dishes to order and I was excited by how easily it came together, and using only one pan, making it a perfect weeknight meal. Serve it with your favorite toppings all wrapped in a soft, warm flour tortilla and your cannot go wrong. I did increased the amount of chicken and bell pepper slightly but other than that kept the recipe the same. Thanks Rebekah for the great meal!

Baked Chicken Fajitas 2

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Avocado Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

Have salsa for dessert with homemade cinnamon tortilla chips and a berry-cirtusy salsa with kiwi, mango, blackberries, strawberries and avocado. Or change it up and make it your own!

It’s tornado season, and it’s the first in 7 years where I don’t have to worry about such things because east Tennessee usually just gets the aftermath-huge rain storms (as I write this one is currently making a lot of noise outside). Oddly enough it makes me miss living in Memphis, but let me explain. Obviously the destruction tornadoes cause is not something to yearn for, I just enjoy a good storm. As a child I was terrified of thunder storms and would run into my dad’s room in the middle of the night to make me feel safe. Somehow as I got older I grew to love thunder and lightning. But when it comes to tornado season in Memphis it means it’s time for Memphis in May festivals (which I pretend is a month long party for my birthday) and that’s what I truly miss about tornado season. And I cannot wait to return in a couple weeks for my favorite festival – BBQ Fest!

But unfortunately tornadoes and festivals have nothing to do with this recipe today. So thank you for listening to my rambling and let’s just get on with it…

Fruit salsa. I know this may not be the first thing you think of when you are trying to come up with a dip for your next gathering by hang on for just a second. For starters these are not just any old tortilla chips, they’re cinnamon-sugar chips! Which makes them the perfect candidate for dipping into a fruit concoction such as this berry-citrusy salsa with kiwi, mango, blackberries, strawberries and avocado. But you change it up to include whatever fruits you prefer.

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Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Let your slow cooker do the hard work. Throw the ingredients for this creamy chicken tortilla soup into your slow cooker and you’ll have a hearty and flavorful soup. Don’t forget the toppings!

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup 2

Yesterday afternoon I saw an e-mail that made my tear ducts come to life. Not out of sadness, but instead from pure happiness. The day has finally come – you can now PubMed me! AaaahAAaaAhahAhhhhh!! Here’s to hoping that having this publication under my belt will help me out in the job search.

Click here to read a lot of jargon—> My glorious research paper

If I remember correctly, I first submitted this paper around mid-September 2013. Six months for two revisions with countless figure modifications for new data per reviewers’ requests. I will tell you what though, the biggest pain in the butt was figuring out how to reformat the pictures for my figures to be the correct resolution, size, file type, and lacking alpha channels (wherever the heck those things came from or even what they are). But hey, now I know how to do it for my second paper pending publication. Mastering Adobe Photoshop one scientific figure at a time. And popping open a bottle of wine to celebrate!

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup 1

When that many pieces of a puzzle finally come together to create something amazing, it’s quite satisfying. Which is why you should not be scared by the lengthy list of ingredients for the recipe for this Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup. Almost all of the ingredients are thrown into the slow cooker together and the remaining few are added at the end or sprinkled on top just before serving. And to prove it, there are only three steps. Let the slow cooker do the rest.

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Baked Reuben Taquitos with Thousand Island Dipping Sauce

Irish meets Mexican in these baked Reuben taquitos with a thousand island dipping sauce. Classic Reuben flavor with a twist.

Baked Reuben Taquitos with Thousand Island Dipping Sauce

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Pizza Quesadilla

After fleeing the snow and below freezing temperatures in Rochester, NY, returning to 40-50 degrees in Memphis, TN seems like a heat wave and I thoroughly enjoy not requiring my huge winter coat to step outside (although tomorrow there’s a drastic drop into the teens). On the flip side, I am not enjoying sizing up all the things in my apartment in preparation for packing it all up by the end of this month. I have accumulated so much stuff since I last moved 4.5 years ago! Purging must be done, some of which involves food.

I have a habit of stocking up on essentials whenever I see them on sale. As a result, I have a lot of canned and boxed food items stacked up in my pantry, awaiting the apocalypse. This stock-pile has come in handy throughout the years at times of minimal funds, but I have no intention in moving it all. It will be fiscally beneficial to my ever-dwindling checking account to consume what I have instead of going out to buy more food anyway (I’ll still be buying some fresh food, for my sanity). So let the battle of pantry cooking begin! To start off this adventure, how about a pizza quesadilla?

Pizza Quesadilla

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Guest Post: Pulled Pork Taco Cups by The Food Bitch Blog

If you don’t already follow Devon of The Food Bitch Blog, now is the time. With recipes such as Funfetti Cupcakes with Golden Oreo Buttercream and Bacon and Gorgonzola Stuffed Crust Pizza you shouldn’t need any further persuasion. I also recently made her Balsamic Chicken which was simple to make and delicious to eat, but obviously I have failed to post it yet (for shame). Additionally not only do we both have adorable tuxedo kitties, we are also obsessed with all things football: college game day, tailgating, watching the game itself, and all the glorious food that comes with it. And just in time for football this weekend she is sharing a great recipe today for you to prepare and enjoy while watching your favorite match-ups. Even if you don’t like football you can still appreciate the food!

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Happy Wednesday, new friends! I’m Devon, and I’m the wino that blogs at The Food Bitch Blog. While Erin is off being a total BAMF in her PhD program, I’ve stopped by to share a recipe I threw together this past weekend while watching football.

Two things about me: Firstly, this Saturday is my birthday! Which leads me to my birthday plans and the second thing about me: I love football. Like whoa. I’m a Florida State Alum, so I spend my Saturday cheering on my Seminoles from the comfort of my couch. On Sundays, I’m a Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holder screaming in the stands like a crazy person. So for my birthday, we’ll spend Saturday watching NCAA, and Sunday we’ll be tailgating it up for the Jaguars home opener versus the Kansas City Chiefs!


As much as I love the actual game, I think I love the food a little more. Football food is the best, hands down. Whether you’re watching the game with your friends at home or spending the day tailgating, these Pulled Pork Taco Cups are a crowd-pleaser that’s a step outside of the box.


As long as you make your pork beforehand (I use this method), you can whip these up in about half an hour. When I serve them, I set out some salsa, sriracha, and sour cream for toppings.


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Chicken Taco Salad with Quesadilla Strips

Salad?!? When was the last time I posted a recipe for a salad? There was a small salad served alongside the mini Greek meatloaves I shared in early May, but before that it was the roasted butternut salad in January (which blew my mind). But I keep telling myself I need make salads more often and in an effort to eat more greens I made this salad topped with taco-seasoned grilled chicken and all sorts of good taco-salad-esque things – even quesadilla strips. You can barely find the leafy greens under all of that but hey, it’s still a salad right?

Chicken Taco Salad with Quesadilla Strips

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Bacon, Egg and Avocado Taco

Today I commence a little project I came up with called Single Serving Sunday, where I will share recipes that serve just one. Being a grad student, living alone and being a food blogger is an interesting mix sometimes when it comes to cooking and baking. I don’t have a very large budget, I prefer to not eat the same thing for an entire week, and yet I like to make things that the general public can relate to on my blog. As a result of this combination, I scale a lot of recipes from their original sources in half when I make and post them on my blog. But sometimes I need a recipe that just serves one, and certainly there are other people out there just like me.

Sometimes I will share recipes that make two servings for those of us that like leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. The plan is to keep these recipes simple for one and occasionally two servings. The biggest challenge is going to be tackling the problem with single servings, which is the inevitability of having leftover ingredients. In those situations I will offer suggestions on what to do with what remains, or offer a post the following Sunday using the leftovers. If any other bloggers feel like joining me in this adventure feel free to do so!

Today’s breakfast taco does have some leftover ingredients, and I can already hear you asking “But what am I supposed to do with the remaining 3/4 avocado and corn tortillas?” For the avocado you could whip up a simple guacamole, or you could make these for breakfast another day. I actually did make these two days in a row because I enjoyed them so much and then used the remaining 1/2 in a pasta dish that I will share next Sunday. As for the corn tortillas, they keep in the fridge for a long time but you could also make baked tortilla chips to go with that guacamole ;-). Or have friends over for a taco night dinner!

Do you have any single serving ideas, suggestions or requests? Please share! I may even get a fancy button if this project is a hit.

Bacon, Egg and Avocado Taco

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