Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon, mint, lime juice and rum come together in this refreshing watermelon mojito. It is the perfect cocktail for the end of summer.  The last day of summer is nearly upon us. Let us toast this second to last day with a cocktail that is nothing but summer - watermelon mojito! … Continue reading

Mini Greek-Style Meatloaves

Meatloaves. Yes dad, if you are reading this I willingly made myself meatloaf for dinner. But I discovered the secret to overcoming their mushy texture which is the primary reason for my distaste for them all my life - minis! When you make them mini it's just like eating a meatball and are less … Continue reading

Strawberry Mojito

In the past, you would never catch me drinking a mojito. Just like mint ice cream, it fells very wrong to swallow something that is minty. Think about it, throughout out childhood we are forbidden from swallowing anything minty: gum, toothpaste, mouth wash. So why on earth did I go for not only a … Continue reading

Mojito Fruit Dip

Do you have a favorite Mojito flavor? Strawberry? Blackberry? Or maybe you are a traditional kind of person. Whoever you are I think think Mojito fruit dip will satisfy everyone's taste buds! I am bringing this wonderful dip over to a friends house today since I am going to be soaking up some sun … Continue reading