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April 2015 Stitch Fix #8

Having your own personal stylist isn’t just for the rich and famous. Sign up for Stitch Fix and get real style advice for real people.

Stitch Fix

It’s Stitch Fix time again! I signed up for fixes to arrive every other month and it’s like opening presents for Christmas/Birthdays 6 months a year. Fun part was my birthday is actually right around the corner so I was excited to see what items I may be able to wear to celebrate the big 3-0. For more details on Stitch Fix and how it works, check out my post from December 2014. Otherwise, let’s dig in!

April 2015 Stitch Fix 1

Side note: Other than the spoon necklace, the jewelry I am wearing is from Rocksbox which is a similar service as Stitch Fix but is strictly for jewelry. Want to try it out? For a free month (no string attached for real) use the code ERINBFF367.
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DIY Gold Confetti Napkins

Make your own gold metallic confetti napkins with simple tools. You could even make matching place mats or table runners and table cloths.

DIY Gold Confetti Napkins 3
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DIY Wood Candle Holders

Love the rustic look of tree branch wood candle holders? With the right tools you can make them very inexpensively yourself!

DIY Wood Candle Holders 3
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Tidy up with #OXOSpringCleaning

OXO is always looking out for us by providing tools to make cooking and cleaning up afterwards as easy as possible. Their latest tools might just make spring cleaning fun!

OXO Spring Cleaning
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Homemade Lip Balms Revisit

Get kissable lips at home with homemade lip balms made with coconut oil. So easy you make you may never buy lip balm again!

Homemade Lip Balms Revisit 2
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February 2015 Stitch Fix #7

Having your own personal stylist isn’t just for the rich and famous. Sign up for Stitch Fix and get real style advice for real people.

Stitch Fix

It’s Stitch Fix time again! I don’t shop much beyond groceries and crafty things these days so it’s fun to get this box in the mail. What I like best is that you can pick how frequently they arrive from as frequently as once a month to as little as only when you ask for one. Right now I am thinking every other month may suit me. For more details on Stitch Fix and how it works, check out my post from December 2014. Otherwise, let’s dig in!

Side note: Stick through the entire post and you’ll also get a chance for a free month of another fun fashion service – Rocksbox.

Feb 15 Stitch Fix 1

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14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Give gifts from the heart this Valentine’s Day with this list of DIY gifts. From homemade lip balms to red velvet hot chocolate, I’ve got you covered. 

Making a gift for your dude? Paint a mug with loveable phrases, inside jokes, monogram, favorite sports team/movie/whatever and fill it with a bag full of homemade hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. Heck maybe he’d enjoy some manly peppermint lip balm too.

Wanna go crazy and make gifts for your friends? Doodle hearts onto the mugs and fill with a bag of chai tea mix, homemade chocolate lip balm, and some sparkly hair ties. I’m tempted to make myself the same combo.

And in case you are also in need of menu planning ideas, check out the links below for previous years’ Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundups:

14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
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DIY Painted Mugs

Personalized mugs make great gifts and they are easy to make thanks to Sharpie paint pens! Draw your design on a clean mug, bake, and revel in the awesomeness.

DIY Painted Mugs 6

If you are familiar with Pinterest I am sure you have seen at least one pin showing how easy it is to make your own personalized mug using a sharpie. After looking into it, there are mixed reviews on the durability of the design after washing. However, I also discovered through my search that there is a thing called Sharpie paint pens which produce much better results. So I grabbed my handy JoAnn Fabrics coupons, bought a few Sharpie paint pens (and some Rust-oleum universal metallic gold spray paint to try that too), and then gathered some inexpensive oven-safe black and white mugs.
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DIY Hair Ties

Love those knotted hair ties but refuse to fork over the money? Make your own in any color with this easy and inexpensive DIY project.

DIY Hair Ties 3

Every January there are leafy green shortages at the grocery store and an increase in gym participation, due to all the New Years resolutioners. With the move I have regressed and not done anything active (besides shovel and lug boxes) since I came down with the flu on Christmas eve. I hope to get back into my usual gym routine soon though once the house resembles some sort of order. I have to decide if I want to rejoin Lifetime Fitness, try LA Fitness because it’s right down the street, or sign up for the Ohio State gym and work out before/after work. Decisions, decisions.

DIY Hair Ties 2

In the meantime, while I’ve been slacking off I’ve been doing creative little things such as making homemade elastic hair ties to give to my friends over the holidays. Because whether you are a member of a gym or not, everyone can use some hair ties. These are ridiculously simple to make and yet they are sold for up to $3 a piece. I found a pack of 4 fold over elastics at Walmart for about $4 and made about 30 ties. The best part is picking out your elastic. There are all kinds of colors, prints, and glitter. Have fun!

DIY Hair Ties 1

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Homemade Vanilla Chai Tea Mix

Get your vanilla chai tea fix at home in an instant with this homemade mix. Simple ingredients and a great gift too!

Homemade Vanilla Chai Tea Mix 2

My apologies for my lapse in posting the past couple days. It’s been a whirlwind with the holidays and preparing to move. In fact, today marks the beginning of the big move to Ohio! One week to move everything into the new place, unpack, and get situated before my new job starts on January 12th. And do you know what the weather forecast for Columbus, OH is today? A steamy high of 18 degrees! What a stark contrast to my move to Memphis, TN where it was 115 degrees the day I moved there. Of course that was in August not January, but still interesting to note.

With the bitter cold, driving most of the day and unloading the truck, a warm cup of tea may be in order. Hopefully I will be able unpack some apparatus in order to warm water to do so. Conveniently I recently made this instant vanilla chai tea mix made from milk powder, non-dairy powdered creamer, sugar, instant tea, and spices. It smells as wonderful as it tastes and makes a great gift during these cold months.

Homemade Vanilla Chai Tea Mix 1

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