Inedible Favorites – Luke 2.5 years & Griffin 4 Months

After fattening myself up in Seattle I flew south to LA to meet my newest nephew for the first time, Griffin! Unfortunately both he and his older brother Luke were asleep upon my arrival but that didn’t stop me from sneaking a peak and instantly melting. I had to resist the urge to snap photos right then and there. Little did I know how many opportunities I would have to capture Griffin’s angelic face while he slept. Exhibit A: captured while at the grocery store. So much hair. So much eyelashes. So much cuteness!

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Inedible Favorites – Luke’s 2nd Birthday

My nephew Luke turns two today! We last saw them in August at my cousin’s wedding and it’s amazing how much he has grown and learned since then. He knows all of his colors and animal noises, giggles like a madman on a swing, loves milk and fruit, and is just adorable overall.

His first birthday occurred while living in Boston but now they live in LA so we ventured off to the other side of the country to celebrate – Little Blue Truck style!


The dessert table spread: pig cupcakes, blueberry-blue velvet cake, “cow pie” cookies, Oreo and chocolate covered doughnut “tires”, Chocolate “mud” pudding, and all kinds of fruit because he’s a fruit fanatic!


“Bounce bounce!” Adult tested, kid approved.


My brother even made little wooden trucks for the kids to paint.



Look at him playing well with others.


Blueberry-blue velvet truck birthday cake! (I think I did a pretty good job despite the spontaneous nature of it’s creation.)


Upon completion of singing “Happy Birthday” he proceeded to feed me a sprinkle and had me lick the frosting off the #2 but unfortunately the only photo captured was from behind. It’s okay, it still melted my heart picture or not.

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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! As usual I met up with family and friends in my hometown Rochester, NY. We had our holiday dinner yesterday and today we are attending a movie (The Hobbit), as tradition dictates. Unfortunately my brother and his family were unable to join us this year, but here are a couple adorable, festive pictures of my nephew for your viewing pleasure! Aahhh he’s so cute!!

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Luke Holiday 2013

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Inedible Favorites – Luke’s 1st Birthday

One year ago today, my nephew Luke popped into this world and immediately started melting hearts, mine most definitely included. Obviously this meant that there was no chance I would miss his very first birthday. And to celebrate he was thrown a Very Hungry Caterpillar party, which was very fitting because he eats everything!


DSC_3983 - Copy



Some_food - Copy





One year ago: Jalapeno Popper Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Inedible Favorites – Luke 9 Months

Time to recap my holidays Luke-style! Which means you get to see a lot of pictures of my adorable nephew, whom I saw in both Boston and Rochester. He turned 9 months old the day after Christmas, how crazy is that? I already bought my plane ticket to be a part of his 1st birthday in March (which is also paired up with a NYC adventure with some fabulous food bloggers). As I said the other day he will eat anything you put in front of him, even inedible things. Also, he may skip right over crawling and walk first. He loves walking you around while holding his hands. Just gotta get a grip on that balance!

Taking a plane ride courtesy of grandpa

Taking a plane ride courtesy of grandpa

Already wanting to get buff and lift some iron

Already wanting to get buff and pump some iron

Beautiful baby eyes

Beautiful baby eyes

First full blown snow experience. Complete with a snow suit which preventing him from stuffing that snowball into his mouth. "Dang these gloves!"

First full blown snow experience. Complete with a snow suit which preventing him from stuffing that snowball into his mouth. “Dang these gloves!”


Baby snow angel

Rocking a bowtie on Christmas Eve

Rocking a bowtie on Christmas Eve

Luke missed out on a serious game of Geek Battle with more adult bowtie action.

Three generations
Three generations

See you in 3 months Luke! I expect you to run up to me when I get there ;-).

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Happy Holidays

HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I will likely be stuffing myself silly because I lose all self control during the holidays. And in between meals I will be overdosing on my nephew, Luke. He’s 9 months old tomorrow and looking good enough to gobble up!

Two years ago: Hoey Cakes (Italian Almond Squares)

Holiday Card 2012 photo2


Inedible Favorites – Luke 5 Months

Happy Labor Day! Although I will be traveling for half of this day it’s been a great holiday weekend in Boston as a whole. And to prove it, I have more pictures of my nephew, Luke! He’s interacting with the world so much more than the last time I saw him.

Father and son – All dressed and ready for his first game day!

He loves flying

Cutest Buckeye fan ever

Taking a stroller nap after an exciting 56-10 victory

Unsure of this thing called “sand”

Future Spiffy Cookie fan!

First bubble bath!

Sad to leave but cannot wait to see him again in December! Here’s to hoping there’s plenty of snow to play with.

Inedible Favorites – Luke

The best thing I learned from my visit to Boston, was that Luke is cuter in person than in photographs. I am sorry that none of you get to experience his mighty powers of cuteness and must settle for pictures. Leaving yesterday was definitely not my favorite. I wanted to continue stroking his baby soft feet and watch him flail around trying to get control over his limbs. Pure adorableness. Wishing I lived a lot closer to make more frequent trips, but will attempt to visit again before I see everyone at Christmas-time.

First photo together at my brother's socccer game.

I cannot wait to bake all kinds of cookies for you

Giddy up

Tiny toes!

Unfortunately not focused, but look at him work those neck muscles!

Living the life

All that delicious cuteness should tide you over because that’s it for today – no recipe! He deserved his own post :-). There are even more posted on my personal Facebook profile for those of you who are Facebook friends.

Inedible Favorites – Part 1

Sorry nothing new to post about food today! Been kinda hectic. However I’ve enjoyed reading other bloggers’ posts about some of their favorite items, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Here are a few things I’m in love with that have recently entered my life:

Utensil-houette Bowl from ModCloth

Isn’t this bowl neat? I really don’t know what it’s going to be used for just yet, other than sitting on my counter and looking pretty. But I needed it – obviously. There is also a matching napkin holder that I’ve contemplated purchasing.

H2OMG Bottle from ModCloth

I grew up on tap water. Tthe idea of having a water purifier is beyond me, but maybe I’ve just been lucky enough to live in areas of the country with great tap water. Either way, besides the obvious statement this bottle was exactly what I was looking for. Over the years I have been purchasing huge packs of bottled water, just so I had something to reuse (refilled with tap water) every day for the week in my lunch box. Sure I recycle them all, but I still felt wasteful and needed a permanent reusable bottle. And here it is!

“Chirp” Tan Wedges by Seychelles from

I have been on the hunt for a tan pair of wedges since last summer. I originally lusted over the Cara Wedge by Rosegold, but after months of online searching I couldn’t find the tan ones in my size. Why did I have to be cursed with the most common size, 7.5?? It’s one of the first sizes to run out, I swear. Alas, I had to direct my energy towards finding a different pair that I enjoy, which was surprisingly difficult. Apparently I am too picky. But then I magically found these one day. They are stinking cute! I ended up having a hard time deciding what color to get because they also come in black and a metallic. But I stuck to the tan, and then discovered I had a $10 credit on my account. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Sweeter than a Cupcake Manicure Set from ModCloth

When it comes to my purse, I am not a typical woman. I don’t have a nail-file, clippers, cosmetic bag, or even a pen most days. (But I sure have a mass amount of coupons stashed away from Living Social and Groupon.) But that changed when I saw this adorable cupcake manicure set. So far I’ve used it to cut a tag on something – off to a great start, haha! Now, if they made it shaped like a cookie I’d have to justify buying another…

Necklace in Wonderland from ModCloth

Yes yet another ModCloth item. I might have an addiction, but they have new stuff everyday and there are so many great things! And did you really expect me to be able to resist dessert jewelry after buying a cupcake manicure set? Just hand over the fake tiny cookies in the cutest little jar ever.

Military Jacket by Free People from Macys

I cannot get enough jackets (now if only the heat would go away). Which means when I saw this on sale, and in a color I did not have yet (charcoal), I didn’t have to think about it before forking over my credit card. And I had an additional $20 off coupon. Promise I’m not an extreme couponer. I wish I were that good. (No that is not me in the picture – one day I should post a picture of myself.)

The Gathering Tank from Anthropologie

Did I mention that I am a graduate student? Because that means I should be staying away from stores like Anthropologie. But once I discovered their sale rack, full of items that at their nearly half-off price are typical regular-price ranged to me, I couldn’t stay away. And every now and then I find something that will sadden me if I wait for it to go on sale and runs out of my size. (I check their sale section online every Tuesday morning – cause that’s when stuff goes down my friends.) This shirt is not on sale and yes I own it, because I couldn’t wait (I also bought it in grey). And I had a 15% off coupon to justify. And it totally goes with my chucks, right?…

Callis Tank Dress by Mossimo from Target

Somehow in my overly stocked closet, I did not have a casual black dress. Target to the rescue! During one of my nothing-in-mind trips to Target I found this dress (along with many other things). Inexpensive? Check. In my size? Check. Pockets? Heck yes I’m buying it. Seriously, once I discover that a dress I am interested in has pockets, I can’t get to the cash register fast enough.

Kites in Flight Dress from ModCloth

My newest favorite dress for the summer! It doesn’t have pockets, but it still rocks and I love wearing it with a skinny black belt with a gold clasp. And I like whirling around in it like a 4-year-old. Would you have ever guessed that as a toddler I dressed myself in layered dresses? Then I went through a tom-boy phase, a preppy phase, and a punky phase (even had fabulous purple hair). Now I’m a blend of everything.

What are your inedible favorites?

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