DIY Cat Cave

What’s better than showing your patriotic spirit? Making a cat cave for your feline friends and supporting a good cause at the same time!

DIY Cat Cave 1
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Homemade Malted Hot Chocolate Mix

Homemade hot chocolate is the way to be, especially when there is malted milk powder involved! Whip up this easy mix to warm up on the next chilly evening by the fire.

Homemade Malted Hot Chocolate Mix 1
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Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows & Giveaway

Homemade marshmallows are far superior than store bought ones, especially because you can create any flavor you like! These peppermint marshmallows are perfect for the winter holidays.

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows 1
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DIY Anthopologie Inspired Confetti Tumblers

Make your own bright and colorful confetti tumblers with inexpensive glasses and some Sharpie paint pens. Or decorate with your favorite word/pattern.

DIY Anthopologie Inspired Confetti Tumblers 1
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DIY Gold Confetti Napkins

Make your own gold metallic confetti napkins with simple tools. You could even make matching place mats or table runners and table cloths.

DIY Gold Confetti Napkins 3
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DIY Wood Candle Holders

Love the rustic look of tree branch wood candle holders? With the right tools you can make them very inexpensively yourself!

DIY Wood Candle Holders 3
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Homemade Lip Balms Revisit

Get kissable lips at home with homemade lip balms made with coconut oil. So easy you make you may never buy lip balm again!

Homemade Lip Balms Revisit 2
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DIY Heart Shoe Clips

Add a little sparkle to your step for Valentine’s Day with these sequined heart shoe clips. Perfect for your flats or heels.

DIY Heart Shoe Clips 2

After a successful week full of spicy, saucy, sexy bites with #TripleSBites to get you prepared for Valentine’s Day, I decided to throw some festive DIY posts at you this week. First I shared a list of DIY gift ideas, followed by a Stitch Fix review to add to your wishlist, and now a cute craft to make your feet sparkle.

When I first saw the tutorial for making these heart shoe clips I imagined myself attempting and epically failing, emulating those “Pinterest fails, nailed it!”posts. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to put together and only took about 15 minutes. These shoe clips can be worn on heels or flats and can be made in any shape/color you prefer. I’m tempted to make shoe clips for every holiday!

DIY Heart Shoe Clips 1

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14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Give gifts from the heart this Valentine’s Day with this list of DIY gifts. From homemade lip balms to red velvet hot chocolate, I’ve got you covered. 

Making a gift for your dude? Paint a mug with loveable phrases, inside jokes, monogram, favorite sports team/movie/whatever and fill it with a bag full of homemade hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. Heck maybe he’d enjoy some manly peppermint lip balm too.

Wanna go crazy and make gifts for your friends? Doodle hearts onto the mugs and fill with a bag of chai tea mix, homemade chocolate lip balm, and some sparkly hair ties. I’m tempted to make myself the same combo.

And in case you are also in need of menu planning ideas, check out the links below for previous years’ Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundups:

14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
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DIY No Sew Faux Roman Shade

Get fancy looking Roman shades without the cost or the need for a sewing machine with this easy tutorial to make your own faux Roman shade!

DIY No Sew Faux Roman Shade 1

Originally I had planned on sharing a fun DIY Valentine’s Day craft today, but evidently things did not go as planned. This whole having a full time job thing really takes up time I could be baking and crafting haha. But anywho, instead I am sharing another DIY home decor project that I tackled – no sew roman shades. Because the window in the stairwell looked naked.

DIY No Sew Faux Roman Shade 3

This tutorial is for those of you who do not own a sewing machine but still want to play with fabric. Instead of stitching you will use iron on hem tape which binds the fabric together as if it were stitched. Of course you can use a sewing machine instead if you own one. I do not and therefore opted for this no-sew version. All you need is 3 inexpensive tension rods (found at places like Home Depot or Walmart), iron on hem tape (and an iron), and one yard of fabric.

Side note: If you are buying fabric from JoAnn’s during a big sale (and consequently there is a huge line in the fabric dept), grab a ticket from the cutting counter first and then peruse the store for the items on your list. Lesson learned.

DIY No Sew Faux Roman Shade 2

If your window gets a lot of light you may want to consider getting thick fabric, a backer, or just double up on your fabric depending on your preference. I went with a semi-thick fabric and didn’t bother with a backer or doubling up. Even when the light shines through I think it looks fine and dandy. (Except for the fact that I took the picture below before I realized it was draped backwards, but fixed it for the photos above.)

DIY No Sew Faux Roman Shade 4

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