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Monthly Meal Plan: May

Whether you need a recipe for Easter, Mother’s Day, or just something to celebrate the coming of spring, we’ve got you covered!

043017 Monthly Meal Plan May-main
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Pesto Prosciutto Pizza

Pizza nights are my version of a creating meals that clean out the fridge. And sometimes it results in the best pizzas ever! After all, how can you go wrong with pesto?

Pesto Prosciutto Pizza 1
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Mimosa Bar

Step aside orange juice, there’s room for other kinds of fruit juices when it comes to mimosas. Which will you try first?

Mimosa Bar 1
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Overnight Eggs Benedict Casserole

Love eggs benedict but don’t love the hassle of poaching eggs or tempering the hollandaise sauce? I give you the overnight eggs benedict casserole!

Overnight Eggs Benedict Casserole 1
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Guacamole Cheese Ball

Why choose between making guacamole or a cheese ball when you can have both? This guacamole cheese ball combines the best of both worlds. 

Guacamole Cheese Ball 1
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Living with Unnatural Hair Color: the truth & how to keep it vibrant

Want to know my secret to keeping my unnatural hair color vibrant? After two decades of dying my hair, here’s a list of tips including my secret weapon – oVertone tinted conditioner!

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Sage Goat Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese is a delicious classic, but sometimes it’s fun to change things up. This easy sage and goat cheese version will make your taste buds happy!

Sage Goat Grilled Cheese Sandwich 1
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Easter Gooey Butter Cake

I feel like gooey butter cake doesn’t get enough attention. I bet if you serve this on your Easter dessert table it’ll get all the attention. Sorry carrot cake, I still love you.

Easter Gooey Butter Cake 1
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April 2017 Stitch Fix #22

I love seeing what my stylist picks out for me in my bimonthly Stitch Fix boxes, because sometimes I just don’t want to do my own shopping. 

Stitch Fix

Once again my stylist Sydney did a great job looking through my Pinterest board and finding items inspired from those I pinned, or sometimes an exact item I pinned! It always nice to know that someone actually makes use of something you spend time on and update regularly. The only request I had this month was a bright colored kimono and then let her know my birthday was coming up, but my plans are probably going to be casual. Unfortunately the kimono was not in the cards this month but she still put together a great box. This may actually be the first month where 4 of the items I was send could be worn together in one outfit. I don’t really require that as I’m pretty good at mix and matching with pieces I already own, but it was a fun feature.

April 2017 Stitch Fix #22
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Poppin’ Pepsi Perfect Cocktail

This isn’t your ordinary whiskey and cola. With the addition of grenadine and a Pop Rocks rim you’ll soon understand how it got it’s name.

Poppin' Pepsi Perfect Cocktail 2
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