Pig Cupcakes

These cute pig cupcakes are easier than they look. Turn your favorite cupcake into a farm-animal friend with just a few ingredients.

Pig Cupcakes

Yesterday I shared a couple shots from my nephew’s 2nd birthday party. As you may have assumed I was in charge of the desserts featured in those photos. Although the blueberry blue velvet cake was the tastiest and most appreciated dessert, my favorite to assemble was the pig cupcakes. I immediately fell in love with them when I spotted them on my sister-in-law’s Pinterest board. With a few common ingredients these cupcakes come to life on top of your favorite cupcake to melt hearts of all ages.

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Makes 24 cupcakes


24 baked cupcakes, any flavor (I made funfetti)

16 oz. prepared pink frosting (I used strawberry)

8 large marshmallows*

48 mini semisweet chocolate chips

Strawberry wafer cookies, cut into 48 triangles


  1. Frost the cooled cupcakes with the pink frosting, smoothing off the top. Reserve a tiny amount of frosting for the nostrils.
  2. Using kitchen shears, cut each marshmallow into 3 discs (resulting in 24 total)*. Place on top of each cupcake near the edge. Add two mini chocolate chips for the eyes, two wafer triangles for the ears and two dots of frosting on the marshmallow nose for nostrils. (I used a toothpick to dot the frosting.)
  3. Marvel in their cuteness and then enjoy! Best when assembled shortly before serving.

*I cut the marshmallows into thirds because I felt the nose stuck out too far when using halves. Do whichever you think looks best, but obviously you’ll need 12 marshmallows to do halves.

Source: Adapted from Emily’s Little World (discovered via Pinterest by my sister-in-law).



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