Chicken Burgers with Garlic-Rosemary Greek Yogurt

There are two situations in which I will always struggle to stay awake: journal club/seminar and watching TV while lying down. For journal club or seminar, it has nothing to do with the quality of the material presented but rather the darkness of the room or auditorium. No matter how energized I am before entering, I without fail will bob my head at least once. Of course when it’s over I return to my alert, awake state. Bizarre.

Then there’s falling asleep watching TV. If you ever watch TV with me, do not let me turn horizontal because I will be out before you know what happened. Again, I do not necessarily have to be tired but it’s probability of occurring increases with the lateness of the day. For this reason I have a chaise lounge attached to my sectional couch allowing me to stretch out yet stay upright and awake! And yes I own a huge sectional and live alone. ::sprawl::

However, I will never fall asleep in front of food so let’s talk about these burgers. Chicken burgers sometimes can end up a bit dry, but with the addition of Greek yogurt that does not happen here. I was drawn to these not only because of their use of Greek yogurt, but also the rosemary. The last time I made a chicken burger with rosemary it blew my mind – fresh rosemary adds such great flavor!

Chicken Burgers with Garlic-Rosemary Greek Yogurt

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Makes 4 burgers



1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt (I used 0% Chobani)

2 Tbsp finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves

1 garlic clove, minced


Garlic-rosemary Greek yogurt (full quantity from above)

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 lb. ground chicken

4 toasted burger buns

Lettuce, tomato, mayo, etc. (for serving)


  1. Set a grill pan over medium to medium-high heat. Spray with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. In a medium bowl, stir together the Greek yogurt, rosemary, and garlic until well combined. Add the salt, pepper, and ground chicken and use your hands to gently mix together.
  3. Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions, and shape each into a 3/4-inch thick patty. Transfer to the grill pan, and cook the burgers for about 6 minutes per side, or until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the center registers 165 F.
  4. Serve on toasted buns with lettuce, tomato, extra mayo or your favorite burger toppings!

Source: Adapted slightly from Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.


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