Homemade Lip Balms

Valentine’s Day is officially one week away folks! So let’s gets our lips soft and ready with some homemade lip balm. You’ve ever got two different options to choose from! The bases for both are the same but with slightly different additions so if you have a flavor idea to build upon these, go for it!

But first you need a couple of things. I bought my beeswax, shea butter and peppermint essential oil from Whole Foods, however the beeswax was in a solid pound block that I had to struggle with to cut. But I’ve been told you can find beeswax and oil-based candy flavorings at craft stores, which is where I buy my colored candy melts. Also, I used mini plastic bead containers from Joann Fabrics for the peppermint lip balm and and 0.25 oz. mini glass jars from Freund Container & Supply for the honey lip balm. But you can really use anything you want that is lip-balm sized. Ready?

The first bath I made was the peppermint and it reminded me a lot of Burt’s Bees lip balm. If that doesn’t convince you to make this lip balm I am not sure what will. And it was so easy to make, I immediately set out to start another batch!

Lip Balm 1

The second batch was a honey lip balm with some pink candy melts mixed in for a little festive coloring. Unfortunately, the pink candy melts didn’t add hardly any color, so next time I would use red instead. But it did add a hint of sweetness along with the honey, which was quite lovely. But don’t try to east it because it will definitely still taste like beeswax, haha.

Lip Balm 2

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Makes 1.5 dozen (depending on container size)



3 Tbsp (1 oz.) beeswax

2 Tbsp coconut oil

4 Tbsp shea butter


5-10 drops of peppermint or other essential oil

4 discs (0.25 oz.) chocolate

The tip of your favorite color lipstick

1 Tbsp honey


  1. Melt beeswax in a small pan over low heat. Add coconut oil, shea butter, and preferred additions to the mixture.
  2. Using a small spoon, pour the melted liquid into your lip balm containers.
  3. Cool completely to harden. Cover with cap and decorate or label if you’d like.

Source: Adapted slightly from Cheeky Kitchen.


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