Review: Petite Treats

Petite treats has been a popular trend this year, and following suit an adorable new cookbook has been released called “Petite Treats” which features delicious, bite-sized, reduced-guilt sweets that are sure to charm family and friends at any gathering. This cookbook shows you how to miniaturize everything from tiny fruit scones and mini pies to bite-size brownies and cutesy cannoli. But be warned, you will need to borrow or purchase miniature pans for a few recipes (such as mini bundt cake and doughnut pans)

Petite Treats

One of the recipes I wanted to make were called F. U. Brownies. With ginger nutmeg and cloves they sounded deserving of such a name. However, I decided not to make them for this review because in my mind, calling a batch of brownies “petite” only requires cutting the bars up smaller, which seams like cheating to me. Although not quite as annoying as when a recipe claims to be “light” by cutting down the portion size. However I may need to still make it, but I doubt I will be cutting it into small squares!

First I made the Frosted Apple Spice Muffins. Just like the description says they taste like hot spiced apple cider in muffin form. These were a big hit at a Christmas party I attended. Even though I picked recipes from this cookbook that applied to the current season, this cookbook has recipes fit for all year round.

Petite Treats 1

Then I made Cranberry Orange Rolls. These cinnamon rolls were exceptionally adorable in petite form. And dangerous because you feel less guilty eating a few smaller ones than one regular sized. More petite cinnamon rolls may occur soon!

Petite Treats 2

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Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary copy of this cookbook from Beth Cook Publicity. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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