October Bakin’ Friends

Hurricane Sandy finally allowed me to go home! Not that I minded being stuck in State College, but it was definitely good I got home when I did. Brady had overturned his food bowl trying to find any last morsel to be found, and his water was bone dry. Although upon refilling both, he was more into being hyper-playful than filling his belly.

Oh yea and of course, Happy Halloween! It’s time for another round of Bakin’ Friends, hosted by Steph’s Bite by Bite! It should come as no surprise that the secret ingredient for October Bakin’ Friends is pumpkin. But I almost missed out participating in this pumpkin-month because I forgot to tell Steph that I wanted to participate. Thankfully another person forgot as well so Keri from Losing For Good and I were paired up!

Upon the delivery of her Pumpkin Toffee Cookies I knew I had a great Bakin’ Friend this month. The cookies were super soft and chewy and I especially loved the drizzle of white chocolate over each one. They turned into yet another cookie disappearing act, that’s for sure! I also enjoyed her festive decorations added to the recipe itself. I lacked much festive creativity for the package I sent, so hopefully Keri can forgive me!

Every month I am blown away by the delicious treats that arrive on my doorstep, so be sure to join us next month! Find out more at the Bakin’ Friends page.

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