August Bakin’ Friends

This was my first time participating in Steph’s Bite by Bite‘s Bakin’ Friends group! On the 6th of the month our Bakin’ Friends matches were sent out along with the identity of this month’s secret ingredient – oats. We had until the 16th to mail out the goodies to our new friends, along with the recipe so they will be able to make more once they devour all that is sent.

Now that we have arrived upon the last day of the month, it’s time to share what we received from our Bakin’ Friends! Amie from Running on Healthy was my Bakin’ Friend this month, from Alberta, Canada. And even though she is in Canada she made sure I got my treats quickly. She is also a newly graduated Registered Nurse who loves cooking, eating, and exercising – sounds like we would get along just fine!

What deliciousness is hiding in this pretty blue stuffing? Maple Donuts with a White Chocolate Glaze!

I loved that her idea for these evolved first from cookies to donuts, in order to utilize a lonely donut pan. But then made some mini donuts too for the same reason. However, some of the donuts weren’t up to her standards so what did she do? Proceeded to make truffles out of the donuts crumbs! Seriously, I had my first ever donut truffle and it was freaking fantastic. These donuts, in all forms, were incredible and did not last long. Thank you so much Amie! Definitely glad I have the recipe for both of these creations so that I can put my also under-used donut pan to work!

I also just saw Amie’s recent post about being engaged! Very cute and personalized engagement story. Congrats!!

Want to join in the fun and become a Bakin’ Friend? Click HERE to find out how!

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