Calling All Peanut Butter & Chocolate Recipes

Do you have a favorite recipe using peanut butter and chocolate?

In preparation for the beginning of college football season, I wanted to share every recipe from my blog involving peanut butter and chocolate. However, I was shocked the list wasn’t longer so I am inviting my friends (yes that’s you happy reader) to share their favorites as well! Then a week from today, I will be posting a roundup of all the recipes. Even if you arn’t a Buckeye fan, you can appreciate what’s in store!

But wait, what does peanut butter and chocolate have to do with The Ohio State Buckeyes? Well, we just so happen to have the BEST treats in the world called Buckeye Candies/Truffles/Balls. They are basically homemade peanut butter cups, but made into the shape and resemblance of a buckeye nut. Isn’t being a Buckeye fan sweet? Pun intended.



In honor of this wonderful combination and my need to make a new Buckeye-inspired treats through the season, I am requesting to share your favorite recipe using peanut butter and chocolate, regardless of where your football allegiance lies.

Please e-mail a picture and link of your recipe to spiffycookie (at) gmail (dot) com no later than Friday, August 24th. Maximum of two recipes, thanks!

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