Review: Wilton’s Icing Smoother and Comb Set

Recently, the people at Wilton came out with a new line of cake decorating products called Decorate Smart, designed to improve the overall cake decorating experience no matter your skill level. Being a very novice cake decorator myself, I was very interested in trying out some items from this product line. I chose the Icing Smoother and 3-piece Icing Comb Set.

Since I am not confident with my cake decorating skills, I decided to bake Picky Palate’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake for One – in case the results were ghastly, I would be the only one who had to see it (but it would still taste awesome).

The Icing Smoother is a stainless steel blade that creates smooth cake tops and sides.I went ahead and played around with getting the sides and top of my mini cake smooth. I don’t have the steadiest of hands so it did not come out perfect, but it beats trying to smooth it out with a spatula or knife! Definitely turned out much prettier and smoother than I ever could with any of my previous methods. Just have to work on the hands!

But smooth is boring, let’s make some ridges! The 3-piece Icing Comb Set has a different texture on each side of the three combs – 6 textures in all. I chose one of the smaller ridges to go along with my small cake. The end result was quite nice. Although I shouldn’t have used the smoother on the edges before using the ridged comb because it took off the excess icing causing the comb to dig in a little to the cake (as you can see there is a little of the peanut butter filling peeking out to say hello). With a little more practice I think I could get the techniques down.

Too bad it was a single-serving cake or else I would have shared. Now all I need is a cake decorating turn-table and I could become a master! Prepare yourself, I may actually post a full-sized cake recipe for the first time ever.

Disclosure: Wilton sent me their Icing Smoother and 3-piece Icing Comb Set for review. I was not compensated for this post. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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