May Foodie Pen Pals

For this month’s Foodie Pen Pals exchange, I got the luck of the draw to have Anna from The Days When I’m Not a Nurse as my pen pal. Why you ask? Because she sent me a package preparing me for Fondue night! The package included a tub of chocolate to melt for dipping the remaining package contents into, which included: German chocolate marshmallows, caramel filled waffle cookies, chocolate-coconut jelly beans, and $5 to buy myself some fresh fruit since they wouldn’t made the journey.

The German chocolate marshmallows were a fun change from traditional marshmallows. I want to bake something with them now. Obviously the fruit was a perfect addition to dip into the chocolate while the jelly beans were a side treat to enjoy while dipping the rest in melted chocolate. My favorite part was the caramel filled waffle cookies. They were so soft and straight up delicious! I will have to inquire where to find those because I need more.

Thanks so much Anna for this interactive, themed Foodie Pen Pal package! I may steal your idea for future care packages to friends and family.

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