Bubble Up Pizza

Brent and I spent most of Sunday and Monday house hunting in Cape Girardeau, MO. It’s exhausting! Even though I won’t be living there, I am obviously the one who will be using the kitchen most during weekend visits, so I was all over the kitchens in every house haha. But I felt a little weird when the kids were home at one house. Don’t mind me, just a stranger snooping through your things and opening all your doors. Found a couple that we both thought were great, and one in particular tops the list. Just gotta deal with the financing now (sooo glad he’s the one buying a house and not me!).

I’m not moving there, at least not yet. I have two more years left in my PhD program in Memphis before I am set free. But Brent recently graduated, is now a bona fide PA-C, and accepted a job there working in Neurosurgery at St. Francis. It seems like a great place to work and I enjoy the town. Honeslty I think I could live there when I am done. But for now, it’s only 2.5 hours away (and 1.5 hours south of St. Louis), which is only a little further than when he was still taking classes in McKenzie, TN so I don’t think it’ll be bad. Although it will be strange not living together anymore. Who am I going to cook for!? I am going to have far too many leftovers and will talk to my cat too much… beware of the cat lady sickness!

Thankfully I made this dish while he is still here because I don’t think I could have resisted eating the entire pan had I been left to myself. Brent’s friend, Steve, was in from out of town as well so between the three of us there was absolutely no chance for leftovers. Steve proceeded to request it every meal for the duration of his stay. I thought about caving in to such a request, because it really was that good! But there are far too many other things I want to cook.

P.S. Today is Brent’s 28th birthday! A group of friends are going out to dinner tonight, and I am going to make him a fabulous dessert (which he may hate/love me for). I’ll be posting it tomorrow.


2 containers refrigerated biscuit dough, 6 biscuits each (I used Pillsbury)

1 jar pizza sauce

2 cups shredded fresh mozzarella cheese, divided

1/4 cup quartered Turkey pepperoni

1/4 cup chopped mushrooms

1/4 cup chopped yellow onion

1/4 cup sliced green bell pepper

Dried Basil


  1. Preheat oven as per directions on dough. With a sharp knife, divide each biscuit into 4. In a large bowl, combine diced biscuit dough, sauce, 1-1/2 cups cheese and toppings. Stir to combine.
  2. Pour mixture into greased oven safe skillet or 9×13 baking pan. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top along with the dried basil. Bake according to directions on dough, checking to make sure dough is cooked through and cheese is bubbling (I baked mine for an additional 5 minutes.) Let cool 5 minutes before serving.

Source: Adapted slightly from Pass the Sushi

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12 Responses to “Bubble Up Pizza”

  • So glad you found some good places—I think you will LOVE STL once you get the chance to head up and explore! 🙂

    This looks so so good, and I can’t wait to see what dessert you came up with!

  • Teresa:

    I’ve only ever driven through Cape Girardeau, but I love St. Louis. I used to drive there every weekend in college. Let me know when you go up because there’s an amazing Mongolian BBQ place that I visit as often as I can.

  • Congratulations and happy birthday to Brent! Not exciting that he’s moving away, but exciting real-life, grown-up developments and whatnot. Plus, visits always feel like a sort of special occasion, then. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the dessert!

    • spiffycookie:

      Thanks, but real life is scary! Another reason I went to graduate school… yet I cannot wait to get out!

  • Wow, that looks absolutely delicious Erin! Can’t wait to see what you made Brent for his B-Day dessert. That’s so random you mentioned St. Francis, I work for a wound care supply company and we get orders from their wound care clinic. I have never been to Cape Girardeau myself but I hear it’s really nice.

  • I look at fantastic dishes like this and I wonder how people come up with such clever ideas. Brilliant!

    Living apart is never easy so I won’t tell you that it will be but it’s only for a while. The house hunting made me laugh. I check the kitchen first and if it’s not up to scratch or I think I can’t make it work, the house is out.

  • Delicious.. I love the idea of using biscuits for a pizza dough!

  • kita:

    I could have sworn I wrote a comment!!! Im super sorry! but thank you so much for trying bubble up pizza and Im glad it was so liked they request it again!!

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